Anandraj G. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

over 1 year ago

Qualia is been good

I've been using various qualia products including Senolytic for the last 6 months. In general my mental and physical health has improved during these months. I belelieve qualia products majorly contributed towards it !

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Morena C. November 3, 2023

Buy again

Would buy again

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Zachary M. July 17, 2023

Game changer

Want to change your life for the better. You really need to give this a try and realize how much better you will feel.

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Christina S. August 23, 2023

Professionally Done Product

The product is well-packaged, professionally done, and the instructions are clear. The senolytic only needs to be taken for 2 days per month which is a huge relief to trying to remember to take multiple pills at multiple times every single day. I have only taken one month's worth at this point an...

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Tamara V. May 31, 2022

Joint stiffness went away?

It's hard to detect any changes from 2-day doses of the supplement, but I think my joint stiffness diminished a bit and I was able to move more freely. Thank you!The service is great and no complaints about packaging.

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