Petko S. reviewed Qualia Mind

9 months ago

Qualia mind

The best Nootropics i have had. Ultra natural and super worthy.

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Michael D. January 16, 2022

5 stars

Jared C. November 10, 2021

Really Cool product

Did some research on neurtropics and this came up as the top one. Hasn't dissapointed yet. Still feel the same energy and focus after multiple weeks. A bit expensive, but if budget permits, worth a shot

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Mathew B. July 25, 2021

5 stars

Jonathan R. October 9, 2021

Consistent Clarity in a bottle

The one distinct advantage in this product is the consistency it provides. It only gets better over time, and so long as you use as directed (5 on 2 off weekly), it will work wonders for you. Some other products may have a shorter-term improvement, but this one all-across the board gives my min...

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