JOHN M. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

12 months ago

So far so good

Sp far its working, my mind is sharper.

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Chanelle H. July 20, 2022

5 stars

eli r. May 15, 2020

truck driver

great product, helps me keep focused and alert, even in 10 plus hour shifts I end the day with very little mental fatigue. Just drink plenty of water

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Ilya P. November 7, 2021

5 stars

Heather M. October 26, 2021

Worth it

It's so nice to have (almost) all-in-one supplement options that are high quality and in the right proportions. I've read some complaints about the # of pills per serving, but since it condenses 15-20 other pills into 7 or 8, it's still better. Fewer pills and fewer bottles to deal with every mo...

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