Nichelle C. reviewed Qualia NAD+ | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

The aether

This stuff is magic beans. I feel like I’m the Cupid on Valentine’s Day. Sensual and creative and ethereal. This elixir of heaven moved the needle inside of my brain. I feel more inside of myself than I can describe with English language. I’m fixated. Obsessed. I want some more, now.

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Teresa M. February 18, 2024

Feeling juiced

From the first day I started taking Qualia NAD+, I felt a shift in energy availability and in my ability to focus. I was mindful not to change any parts of my morning routine with the exception of the 2 NAD+ capsules which I took with my morning mushroom coffee. I definitely was not expectin...

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Matthew J. February 1, 2023

Clean energy

This product seemed to provide me with clean energy throughout the day, that was the biggest improvement I felt.

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Carmen l. April 13, 2024

True believer

Since I began using this product I can absolutely say I've felt better more and more each day. I'm sleeping better also. Completely satisfied

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Sylvia S. May 3, 2024


Awesome product!

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