Patrick K. reviewed Qualia Focus | Beta Tester

about 2 years ago

The jury is still out...but they WANT to experience an impact...

I have not felt any difference yet...but I remain hopeful and optimistic

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Jeremiah C. October 17, 2022



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Matt C. April 18, 2022

Review from a teacher and coach.

After using this product first thing in the morning, I felt great. My day usually starts in the gym at 5:30am. My focus and energy levels were great. It carried over to my job starting at 7:30 as a high school teacher. I was alert, energized and motivated. Overall, I am extremely happy with the p...

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Bruce M. May 20, 2023

Average but worth a shot.

It was easy to take and a reasonable amount and frequency. However I did not gain much benefit from it.

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Rob S. March 8, 2023

Neurohacker Focus

I work 12 hour shifts, both days & nights, and using this product at specific times has really helped me stay focused and has given me an extra added boost of energy when I needed it most. I recommend anyone who needs a product like this one to give it a try.

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