Analeah L. reviewed Qualia Mind

22 days ago

This Stuff ROCKS!!!

Brain Chemistry Homeostasis Wizard!

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Ray R. March 10, 2022

5 stars

Nick G. December 20, 2023

5 stars

Juan R. June 29, 2023

Great Product

I have been using the Qualia Mind for a couple of months now and I can now write of how great the product is. I Have difficulty concentrating on single tasks. from the moment I started using it, my focus has been on point. I do follow the instructions of stopping for two days which I leave for th...

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Tyler T. October 25, 2022

Love love love

I’ve tried a couple different nootropics and this one is the best one by far! For example I form my sentences better when speaking. I would have trouble finding the words that I want to say or forming a thought into language. I own a business with stressful fast paced work environment and I’ve...

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