Qualia Life Reviews

Janice J. - 2021-01-17
I could not continue taking the required daily dosage. I tried to for 3 days yet each day experienced headache and slight anxiety.
Judy M. - 2021-01-17
I did not feel any difference at all.
Lori S. - 2021-01-14
The quality of my sleep seems to have improved somewhat - I was naturally waking up earlier. I also did experience a very mild headache in the first four mornings after i started my five day trial which seemed to dissipate and disappear by day 5. I rarely get headaches and this one was gone once I got moving so no problem there. Also the first 4 days I experienced a mild, energetic sensation that I can only describe as a BUZZ without sound. It was pleasant - not a problem.
Ann H. - 2021-01-13
Day 1-2, excellent, 5 star. Energy and focus, even though I drank (not in excess) and stayed up too late- so that's an excellent start. Day 3, slight headache, couldn't figure out why (I am not prone to headaches) Day 4, dull to moderate headache all day, worse at night. Remembered that I had the same symptoms in October, when I started taking Qualia Mind Essentials. I think I have an allergy or obviously a reaction to something in the products. No clue what. I am on quite a lot of supp...Read more.
Renata G. - 2020-09-14
Didn’t feel or see much of a difference. Was not thrilled about taking 8 pills at once. It was hard to stay motivated to take it everyday. Being honest, I was not consistent with one week straight.
Dana M. - 2020-09-05
I didn’t notice a significant difference in energy/vitality from 5 days of use.
Walter D. - 2020-09-04
After taking Eternus for a week (5days), I did not feel any affects. I took it daily in the morning before breakfast. I was hoping to feel some affect, but I may feel something if I take it for a longer period of time, not sure how long it takes to feel something.
Mark D. - 2020-09-01
I could not really tell any difference. Have used Qualia before with excellent results
Gregg K. - 2020-08-29
I haven’t felt any noticeable difference in energy, focus etc
Ryan B. - 2020-08-28
I didn't really notice any notice effects compared to Qualia. I think ultimately you've got to find a way to reduce the amount of pills for a dose, 8 is just simply too much and I'm very used to taking pills
Lonnie W. - 2020-08-27
Study is too short. I cannot tell the difference if it has helped me in a difficult work experience or not because usually I'm wired to solve problems and keep at it until its done. I would need more time on the Eternus and then have a period of not having it to see. And everyday was different. Some days I ate better so my energy was sustained. Some days I did not and my energy was down. Did Eternus helped during those low energy days? I don't know.
Corinne L. - 2020-08-25
I did not experience much of a difference in anything after using it for a week. I think I may need more time to really make an assessment.
susan s. - 2019-06-17
This is simple for me, how do you tell if its working, its really hard to give a review on something if you have nothing to go on, Is something supposed to jump out at you so the know and if so then maybe its not doing anything. that's why I am giving a 3.
Sandy F. - 2018-10-01
I was skeptical at first since most products are just a scam, but I'm overjoyed that you've provided an honest product that has given me real results. I'm pretty amazed at how I'm really finally able to pursue and even discover my true potential. I'm motivated, I feel inspired and actually look forward to challenges rather than fear them. I don't procrastinate as much as before and my outlook is positive. I really live this stuff and I'm usually a pretty hard sell!
Ryan P. - 2018-09-25
Enhanced attitude and outlook when taking on or considering complex work.
Keri C. - 2021-01-20
I didn't notice any effect.
Robert L. - 2020-08-28
I didn't experience any positive effects. However, I did have my mouth break out in ulcers and I felt "warm" all the time, though my temperature was normal. I am not saying this is a direct result of the product, but it coincided with taking the product.
RoxAnne E. - 2020-08-26
I track my sleep on an Oura ring and my sleep and readiness scores have been lower every night after taking it. Also, I've been restless during the night waking up 4-5 times each night. This morning I woke up with a headache. I track my food intake very closely (mainly paleo / low carb), drink 100 oz of water per day, get plenty of sunshine and grounding and I do not drink alcohol. Nothing else in my day/sleeping environment or supplement/eating/drinking routine has changed. On a positi...Read more.
Daniel W. - 2020-08-25
It's hard to say if this product improved me in any way. While I'm not looking for an obvious energy boost or anything else (like Qualia Mind may provide), I was hoping for some sort of noticeable improvement to my sense of wellbeing, etc. The primary thing I felt was bloating. I consumed at least 6 20-oz waters each day while taking it, but I still retained water. I realize that the product includes some creatine--and that creatine can cause water retention--but the discomfort for not welcom...Read more.
Barbara S. - 2020-03-17
I feel nothing different from before i started. So disappointed because this is a stretch for my fixed income.
Ryan D. - 2020-01-31
This product may work well for some but I switched to this after taking a different NAD supplement for two years that was far less expensive and I noticed no difference with the Neurohacker formula versus the other. I found some success with some of the qualia mind products but given the overall prices of these it’s just not sustainable for the common person to keep buying them monthly... Especially if you have really serious brain injuries and need to indulge in a host of other supplements a...Read more.
Leonardo D. - 2020-01-17
I’m on my second bottle but I can’t say I feel all the benefits the product claims. I’ll probably give more time because I believe in the ingredients. One thing that I definitely don’t like it’s the fact the a product so expensive, that requires proper storage and is a such specialty type of product comes in a Amazon paper bag. How do I know how long and what type of storage it had before getting to me? Neurohacker you can definitely do better!
Carol P. - 2022-10-26
Not working at all. I feel more tired and forgetful. Was hoping for the best
Rathinakumar V. - 2021-02-21
I tried it for more than two weeks, with two days gap in-between. I sincerely wanted it to work, but I don't seem to have any change.
Joel H. - 2020-09-10
Caused lethargy and irritability. Effects lasted a day after stopping taking it on 3rd day.