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HomeGrown Humans - Bill McKibben - Climate Change - Hosted by Jamie Wheal

Bill McKibben is a noted environmentalist, author, educator, and activist. He famously wrote the book The End of Nature three decades ago, and most recently in his book Falter he explores what it might mean for us to come to the end of our civilization rope, and what do we do next. He is the founder of 350.org global Grassroots movement for environmental advocacy, justice, and divestment from petrol capitalism.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Climate Change and the Fossil Fuel Industry
  • Where Do We Come From, Who Are We, And What Do We Do Now.
  • Is Our Existing System Steerable, Or Is It Fundamentally Flawed?
  • How We Must Adapt To That Which We Can’t Prevent
  • When Is It Ok To Make A Stand, And How?

The most important thing an individual can do is be less of an individual, joined together with others in movements large enough to make those changes on a more fundamental level.

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Guest Bio:

Bill McKibben is founder and senior adviser emeritus of 350.org. His 1989 book The End of Nature is regarded as the first book for a general audience about climate change, and has appeared in 24 languages. He’s gone on to write many more books, and his work appears regularly in periodicals from the New Yorker to Rolling Stone. He serves as the Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College, as a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and he has won the Gandhi Peace Prize as well as honorary degrees from 19 colleges and universities. He was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, sometimes called the alternative Nobel, in the Swedish Parliament. Foreign Policy named him to its inaugural list of the world’s 100 most important global thinkers.

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