Homegrown Humans – Christopher Bache – Psychedelics - Hosted by Jamie Wheal

Homegrown Humans – Christopher Bache – Psychedelics - Hosted by Jamie Wheal

Christopher Bache shares his courageous and outrageous thought experiments and lived experience with therapeutic psychedelics and his inquiry into the mystical. He brings his interdisciplinary set of frameworks ranging from comparative religion to transpersonal psychology, to his own lived experience of what were the types and classifications and categories of experiences he had. We discuss:

  • Christopher’s 20+ year experiment and experience
  • Different psychedelics and their range of effect
  • The point of pain and suffering, or the “bad trip”
  • The future humanity and non-ordinary states
I think we are at a make or break moment in human evolution.

Tune in to hear what Christopher has brought back and what it might share or hint with us for the future ahead.

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  • Edgar
    His wrong about psilocybin and entities you encounter only on tryptamines.
  • Edgar
    Great podcast though 👏 It is always very engaging to listen to people who have gone deep with psychedelics specially to those who are educated and articulate.
  • Russell Schaeffler
    Very interesting interview. I have also "gone deep" on several occasions over the last thirty years under a range of psychedelics. Around 1995, I had some intense interactions, on and off psychedelics, that left me with a profound sense that there is more to life than we usually experience during our daily routine. So, really like hearing your guest's accounts of his experiences and that he can talk so openly about them. His insights are informative and appreciated.
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