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Human civilization increasingly has the potential both to improve the lives of everyone and to completely destroy everything. Daniel Schmachtenberger, founding member of The Consilience Project and Director of R&D, Co-founder, at Neurohacker Collective, is here with us today to shed light on the need for collective intelligence with which to navigate towards beneficial outcomes.

We discuss:

  • The most important problems in the world today,
  • How technology and social media are undermining sense-making,
  • Why we need to reinvent democracy, and
  • How to maintain existential hope in an environment of crisis.
The discipline and rigor of evolving ourselves, paired with the collective intelligence of groups of people doing the same, can enact solutions. - Daniel Schmachtenberger

If we're serious both as individuals and as humanity about improving the world, it's vital that we intersect around the reality of our situation and the radical solutions needed to create meaningful change. This is Daniel’s take on the situation.

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