Homegrown Humans – Julie Holland, MD – Psychedelics - Hosted by Jamie Wheal

Homegrown Humans – Julie Holland, MD – Psychedelics - Hosted by Jamie Wheal

Our science team is obsessed with brain health. It's why they created Qualia Mind to support brain health through the best ingredients on earth. But today's episode deals with some of the other challenges facing brain health in our environment that extends into our daily enviroment.

In today’s episode we welcome author, psychiatrist/psychopharmacologist, Julie Holland, MD to discuss what societ needs for connection, how we’ve lost it, how we might find it again, and how psychedelics can help.

Holland takes us on a deep dive into the science behind psychedelic compounds that modulate neuroplasticity and how plant medicines are being used to effectively heal trauma and nurture connection. We discuss:

  • How psychedelics rewire the brain
  • The role of mindfulness and psychedelics in accessing parasympathetic states
  • Hormones and love drugs for bonding, connection, and sexuality
  • The power of MDMA to promote healing through connection with others
Psychedelics induce a temporary neuroplastic state in the brain, making it more impressionable and open to input. - Julie Holland, MD

Listen in now as we explore the exciting research surrounding psychedelic medicine and connection.

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