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HomeGrown Humans - Nicole Prause, Ph.D. - Sexuality - Hosted by Jamie Wheal

Why are sexual pleasure and behavior forbidden topics of discussion? Nicole Prause Ph.D., neuroscientist researching human sexual behavior, addiction, and the physiology of sexual response, is here today to debunk popular misconceptions about the science of sex. We deep dive into the how brain the grows, adapts, and rewires during sexual stimulation. We even discuss how difficult it is to measure whether or not a test subject has *really* had an orgasm.

Topics within the interview include:

  • Navigating the culture of sexual physiology and psychology
  • The neurochemicals associated with sex
  • The link between sexual behavior and higher states of consciousness
  • The science and psychology of orgasms
There is something unique and profound happening in the brain and body during sexual climax. -Nicole Prause Ph.D.

Buckle up, Neurohackers. This is your brain on sex. Listen in now.

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