Maximize Your Workout: How to Get More Benefits with Less Time

Maximize Your Workout: How to Get More Benefits with Less Time

Exercise for High Performance and Longevity

A transcript for this episode is available online in blog form at Transcript: Thomas DeLauer and Simon Shawcross Interview on Exercise for Longevity

Dr. Heather Sandison is joined by YouTube star, Thomas DeLauer and the founder and director of HITuni, Simon Shawcross to talk about training your body for optimal health and longevity. We dive into the science behind resistance training, and explain the protocols that are safest and the most effective to support wellbeing and healthy aging. We also cover how to eat the best diet to go along with your training program. We discuss:

  • The cellular benefits of resistance training
  • Why you only need to work out 15-20 minutes, 1-3 times a week
  • Benefits of ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting
  • Why exercise and nutrition both matter
  • Motivation and habits to stay in shape

Tune in to hear the latest science on the most effective forms of exercise. Join us as we dive into how working out slows down the aging process.

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Guest Bios:

Simon Shawcross is the founder of, the world-leading provider of online courses specializing in High Intensity Resistance Training, with students in over 25 countries. He has 20 years’ experience as personal trainer to clients ranging from entrepreneurs and business professionals to athletes, actors, and singers. Simon is passionate about helping people achieve their genetic potential via exercise, nutrition and wellbeing strategies.

Thomas DeLauer has built his name around being a thought leader and trusted expert in the world of health and nutrition. His personal 100lb transformation from a corporate executive to fitness entrepreneur grabbed the attention of the mainstream media in 2016 when he appeared on multiple health and fitness magazines. Since then, Thomas has built an empire based on his ability to articulate complex nutrition and physiology subject matter in a fun and engaging way. His videos reach an estimated 10M people weekly and have continued to gain the attention of networks such as FOX, CBS, ABC, Hallmark Channel and ESPN Radio.

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