Monica S. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

6 months ago


I only bought the I e time and did not sign up for a subscription, but they keep charging me and will not respond

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Monica, thank you for your product review on Qualia Senolytic. Our system shows Customer Support took care of canceling and refunding your renewal order, and canceled your subscription when you reached out the same day you shared your product review. Have a great day.

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Blake K. June 13, 2022


I’m always looking for brain boosting supplements and senolytic is exactly the kind of supplement I’ve been wanting! Qualia is always at the forefront of research and new supplements.

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Robert B. April 25, 2023

Too soon to tell for sure

The science behind this product is, as always, excellent. I gave it an overall rating of four stars because while I feel better taking this product, I can't tell whether it really does something positive for me. I think that I will have to take it for several months to be sure.

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Charlotte A. September 12, 2023

Exited about this product!

We have taken Qualia Mind, Life, Night, Synbiotic and Senolytic. We are taking these products in order to optimize health and have seen great results. Thank you!

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Leslie C. December 10, 2023

Sleep formulation

I recently started taking Qualia Sleep as my sleep is terrible! I have just used this recently after trying many other things. So far the jury is out on this, however I am hopeful this will be the ticket for me!

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