Taylor C. reviewed Qualia NAD+ | Beta Tester

about 1 year ago

Feeling better

Overall, I feel better. A bit more energy, but really just seem to be able to switch tasks easier. Felt hot and flushed half the days first thing after taking, but that went away quickly.

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Dawn M. February 2, 2023

Calm and happy energy

From the first dose I had calm, happy energy. No need for an adjustment period and no jitters. I will definitely buy this!

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Linda B. February 9, 2024


I just started taking this, so I don't have much feedback, except the customer service is good, and the shipping was quick. The science looks promising for this product, and I am hopeful it will work as promised.

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Marci B. January 30, 2024

I definitely feel a boost after taking this

The first two weeks of taking this had me very excited about the energy boost I was experiencing. No more afternoon slump. No more feeling anxious/overwhelmed by the usual stressors. But I've noticed this tapering off as I head into my third week taking it. I'm going to continue, though...

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Val C. February 2, 2023


I had more energy!

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