Sam B. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

over 2 years ago

Haven't used much yet

I frequently have trouble sleeping and am too busy with assignments to be active, both of which would cause Qualia to not be very effective, so I have not used it much. When I have, I notice I have much more energy to go do stuff and have fun and more drive to get important things done. I feel like myself again, and I truly enjoy life while I am on Qualia. Am attempting to start excersizing and sleeping more so I can utilize Qualia fully. Keep up the good work neurohacker collective

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Stacie A. January 17, 2018


Wow, I am so impressed. I cannot believe how well Qualia works with no side affects. I have ADHD and struggle with the frontal lobe processes. This has brought me peace and clarity. Then the added benefit is my mood has increased without the feeling of being drugged or numbed. Then no feelin...

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Tyler H. October 29, 2017

Excellent Focus

I have been taking Quaila for over a month now and I can tell an amazing difference in my ability to remain calm and focused throughout the day. This product has proven to live up to the promises made!

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Sara C. October 24, 2017

Love this product

I love the steady energy this gives me throughout the day. I feel less sluggish and more alive!

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Laura W. January 25, 2018

This product works!

Qualia works as promised, and I highly recommend it. On day 1 I felt so it working. On day 2 it worked better, and by day 4 the benefits were obvious. I felt happier than I’ve felt in years, with more energy and greatly improved concentration. I smile now!

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