Sam B. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

about 2 years ago

Haven't used much yet

I frequently have trouble sleeping and am too busy with assignments to be active, both of which would cause Qualia to not be very effective, so I have not used it much. When I have, I notice I have much more energy to go do stuff and have fun and more drive to get important things done. I feel like myself again, and I truly enjoy life while I am on Qualia. Am attempting to start excersizing and sleeping more so I can utilize Qualia fully. Keep up the good work neurohacker collective

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Ofer R. December 29, 2017

My personal experience with Qualia

I started taking Qualia during an intensive software development training program, and close to 3 weeks later - I can say that there has definitely been a 2x-3x improvement in my ability to focus and recall information. My creativity and mood have also improved, though less dramatically. After...

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Jerome A. December 21, 2017



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Cheryl P. February 5, 2018

It definitely works for me!

I’ve been taking Qualia for over a year now, and have noticed a vastly improved cognitive function. I’ve been able to quantify the improvement through my ongoing Lumosity addiction. The improvement has been consisent and significant. I highly recommend giving Qualia a try, but would recommend ...

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Abram S. December 18, 2017

I’m in love!

This is by far the highest quality, most comprehensive product on the market with actual clinical doses of ingredients. Truly an amazing product and certainly worth every penny!!!

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