Erick B. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

3 months ago

Not sure

Tried this once so far and haven't noticed anything. How do I know it is getting rid of zombie cells? I'll give it 3 chances to see if I notice anything. Pricy supplement if I don't see anything.

Neurohacker Collective
Hi Erick, thank you for sharing your review of Qualia Senolytic. As we age, senescent cells accumulate, but where they accumulate, and what aspects of healthy function they may influence, can vary person-to-person: for some people it may be the skin, for other people it may be fat or muscle tissue, for others it could be the brain, joints, immune system, etc. Because of this, there is no one way that Qualia Senolytic is experienced.* With the above in mind, the areas you should expect benefits are the areas that are typically most impacted during aging, so pay attention to signs of healthier skin, muscles, joints and brain functions, as well as overall health and energy, after two-to-three months of taking Qualia Senolytic. Please reach out to the customer support team if you need anything further.

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John C. June 12, 2022

I am feeling hopeful

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to help this company do what it does Make amazing innovative products!! The packaging the marketing the service the science is perfectly splendid. Flawless in the execution to create genius products

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Christopher F. June 15, 2022

Incredible improvement

Noticeable more ease in many key areas. Joints feel like I’ve turned the clock back 10 years Marked improvement in joints.

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Kim J. June 6, 2022

Works great

I wasn’t sure what to expect but my knee had relief so that was a huge plus for me. I’m really interested in on being on it for a couple months to see what it can do The packaging was easy to open

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Dean H. March 6, 2024

First time

This is my first time taking this product, but I noticed some remarkable differences as far as joint pain in the morning.

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