Faith S. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

almost 3 years ago

Ummm, can you say AWESOME?!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘Š

This is only day 1, but I was eager to share my experience after ONLY one day. I assumed the product would need to get into your system and require a few days to do so, but I noticed better sleep after day 1. I find it interesting that there really isn’t any sedating effects as stated on the bottle; however, somehow I entered into a very deep sleep and didn’t get up my usual 4+ times to use the bathroom throughout the night. I would like to add that in case one might think it could have merely been a placebo affect having been conscious of taking the supplement, I can honestly say I had forgotten I had taken it, until it dawned on me sometime during the course of the following day that it was the first time in a long time that a.) I had ever had such solid deep sleep and b.) the first time I can remember in at least a decade that I hadn’t visited the little girls room at all throughout the evening. If I can post another review after a few more days of using the product, I will, but that is my experience after Day 1. Thanks Qualia for the opportunity to test this product. It’s not a product I would have decided to start purchasing unless I had been given the chance to try it out first, then again I think most or all of your products do offer a money back guarantee. πŸ’―

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day1: 2 capsules 7 hours before sleep (yawned within 2 hours). slept well but felt groggy in morning--like feeling of melatonin at first. i was alert within a couple hours day2: 1 capsule 90 min before bed (desired bedtime). slept well. woke alert with clarity and felt intuitive and myself. day...

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Qualia Night & Qualia Mind Caffeine free

The more I use the more I appreciate... Definitely feel more focused and relaxed in the morning, I ordered the caffeine free since I Love coffee (I take fasted 1st thing with a teaspoon of coconut oil in my cup of cofee. My sleep pattern keeps slowly getting better with Qualia Night.

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