Skin Health - Molly Maloof, MD - Healthspan

Skin Health - Molly Maloof, MD - Healthspan

Dr. Mark Tager and Dr. Molly Maloof are both members of the Medical Advisory Board at Neurohacker Collective and are here with us today to jam out on a whole systems approach to skin health. This is not your typical skincare podcast. We move right past the fluff and hone in on a science-backed approach to beautiful skin. 

Have you ever wondered how insulin resistance impacts skin health? We answer that. What about fatty acids, carotenoids, and ceramides - where do they fit into beautiful skin? We share the latest science surrounding that topic too. Here are few more subjects we spotlight during the discussion:

  • How mitochondrial dysfunction impacts skin health
  • How to eat for great skin
  • Collagen for your skin: healthy or hype?
  • How ceramides combat ‘leaky skin”
  • Cutting edge cosmeceuticals for skin health
Love of who you are and love of others is really the secret to great skin. - Dr. Molly Maloof

Chances are that healthy skin that feels good and looks radiant is on your health optimization radar. But to achieve those results you must start from the inside out. Tune in to learn exactly how to do that.

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