Systems Thinking - Tomas Bjorkman - Consciousness

Systems Thinking - Tomas Bjorkman - Consciousness

Joining us today we have social entrepreneur, thinker, and catalyst Tomas Björkman for a thought-provoking episode where we explore the intersection of spirituality, economics, and personal growth, shedding light on the potential for positive change in our society. We discuss:

  • Unraveling the traditional notions of the relationship between spirituality, economics, and society.
  • Exploring the difference between complicated systems vs. complex systems.
  • Unveiling the interconnectedness between individual growth and shaping a better world.
  • Navigating the potential conflicts between personal fulfillment and contributing to the collective good.
  • Understanding the concept of an integral society and its role in addressing global complexities.
We need to help as many as possible to relate in deeper and more complex ways to ourselves, to each other, to society, and to the planet. - Tomas Björkman

Together, let's illuminate the path toward a harmonious integration of spirituality, economics, and personal growth, fostering positive transformation in our society. Tune in now to hear the conversation.

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