Deep Sleep - Dr. Dan Pardi - Neuroscience

Deep Sleep - Dr. Dan Pardi - Neuroscience

If there was ever an ultimate sleep episode, this is it. 

Dan Pardi, sleep researcher at Stanford and Leiden University and CEO of, an application designed to promote health mastery, is here to unpack the exact science of deep sleep. And even better, how to get more of it

We discuss sleep stages, sleep physiology, the major causes of sleep loss in our society (think high reward activities and mistimed lighting environments) and the consequences of sleep loss, including decreased purging of toxic substances from the brain and damage to neurons that signal to the brain to stay awake. To be honest, that description barely scratches the surface. We also cover:

  • The physiological benefits of slow wave sleep
  • How sleep impacts eating behaviors and weight gain
  • The optimal amount of sleep and the importance of sleep timing
  • How sleep regulates the immune system and effects cellular senescence
  • Effects of light on circadian rhythms
  • Science-backed ways to optimize your “master clock”
  • Dan’s favorite routines and products to biohack your sleep
There’s no part of the body that goes untouched when we don’t get the sleep that we need. It is a physiological requirement. - Dan Pardi, Ph.D.

If you’re looking to get the most from your sleep, this episode is for you. If you want even more after listening you’re in luck. This is part one of a two part series. Listen in now. 

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