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Why doesn’t Qualia Night contain melatonin?

We recommend that Qualia Night be taken several hours before bedtime, and that is not an ideal time to take melatonin for most people. Like many processes in the body, both the what, in this case melatonin, and the when, it’s timing, are important. Secretion of melatonin peaks in the middle of the night. The timing of this surge in melatonin synchronizes physiological cycles of the body. Because melatonin levels increase quickly after taking it orally, you’ll usually see recommendations to take it shortly before going to bed. When taken near a person’s normal bedtime, the increase in melatonin produced by the supplement will be close to the time melatonin is going to surge anyway. If taken a few hours before bedtime, the increase in melatonin will be earlier. For many people that would shift the time they’d naturally fall asleep and wake up to be earlier. And while they were adjusting to the new timing, in a sense, the melatonin would be causing something akin to jetlag, abruptly shifting the body’s circadian rhythms. Those are not things we wanted to do. So instead of including melatonin, Qualia Night contains ingredients the brain can use to make melatonin when it needs it. For more on the mechanisms supported and the approach we took to build the product see: QUALIA NIGHT - THE BUILDING OF A COMPREHENSIVE SLEEP SUPPORT STACK

More Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take Qualia Night?

Take up to 4 capsules at dinner or several hours before bedtime.

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Can I take Qualia Night in addition to other Qualia products?

Yes! When we designed Qualia Night, we did so assuming people would take it with our other Qualia products.

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How can I ensure I get the most out of Qualia Night?

Qualia Night will work best when you also pay attention to several diet and lifestyle habits.

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Can I take Qualia Night in addition to other products?

Yes, Qualia Night was designed to take with our other products.

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Do I need to take the full 4-capsule dose of Qualia Night?

No. It’s fine to take a lower dose. A small subset of users prefer taking only 1 to 2 capsules. While 4 capsules is the recommended dose, and is the most common way users take Qualia Night, it is fine to adjust the dose lower as needed to find what works best for you and your chemistry.

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How does Qualia Night work?

Qualia Night combines 25 carefully selected ingredients. These ingredients were selected for several reasons. Some ingredients support the brain in making and responding to major sleep regulating neurotransmitters (such as GABA), neurohormones (melatonin), and sleep homeostasis drivers (like adenosine and uridine).

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What should I expect when taking Qualia Night?

Qualia Night was designed first and foremost to help users perform better during their days by helping with nightly relaxation and rejuvenation. A key point is that what happens at night will have a dramatic effect on how we perform the next day.

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Do I need to take Qualia Night several hours before bedtime?

Our general recommendation is to take Qualia Night several hours before bedtime, but this is not a hard rule. 

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Is It okay to take Qualia Night only once in a while before bedtime when I need something to put me to sleep that night?

Before bedtime sleep supplements typically use herbs, melatonin, or both to induce a feeling of drowsiness. Qualia Night is not designed as this type of sleep supplement. 

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Who should take Qualia Night?

The simplest answer is “any adult who would benefit from getting sounder sleep and feeling more energized, alert, and focused the next day.” That said, Qualia Night was specifically designed for people:

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