Healing Trauma - Dr. Jeff McNairy - Plant Medicine

Healing Trauma - Dr. Jeff McNairy - Plant Medicine

This episode is one that’s close to our heart. A small group from the Neurohacker team recently went to Rythmia, a beautiful medically-licensed plant medicine center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Our goal was to better understand and experience for ourselves how fusing ancient wisdom and modern techniques, with a focus on shamanic plant medicine, can help us heal and live a life led by love to better show up in the world.

While at Rythmia, we interviewed Dr. Jeff McNairy, Chief Medical Officer at Rythmia. He shared with us an in depth view of the science associated with healing through plant medicine. We also discuss:

  • The history and origin of the ancient shamanic plant medicine
  • The neurochemical effects of plant medicine compounds
  • Exactly what to expect during a shamanic plant medicine ceremony
  • Who shouldn’t use plant medicine
Plant medicine enhances connection with self, family, ancestors, nature, and universal things. - Dr. Jeff McNairy

And much, much more. We’re excited to share this very special interview with you. Join us by listening in now. 

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Website: https://www.jeffmcnairy.com/

*Psychedelics are classified as Schedule 1 Controlled Substances by the DEA, and not approved by the FDA for any accepted medical use or prescription.

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