Microbiome - Dr. Momo Vuyisich - Disease Prevention

Microbiome - Dr. Momo Vuyisich - Disease Prevention

Is science on the cusp of changing the future of disease prevention via a deeper understanding of an individual’s biology? Naveen Jain, Founder of Viome, joins us once again as our guest host, along with fellow colleague, Dr. Momo Vuyisich, Ph.D., to shed light on the latest research in biological states of interest. We discuss:

  • Decoding the functions of microorganisms in our body
  • Differentiating inflammation vs. chronic Inflammation
  • The fascinating link between inflammation, cancer, and aging
The microbiome plays a critical role in the onset and progression of cancer. - Dr. Momo Vuyisich, Ph.D.

Get ready for an exciting conversation of how we can decode biology to change the future of disease prevention and treatment. Listen in now!

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