Microdosing - Paul Austin - Psychedelics

Microdosing - Paul Austin - Psychedelics

Can you define microdosing? With microdosing psychedelics now a buzzworthy topic of conversation among everyone from high achieving CEOs to stay-at-home parents, we need to properly understand such landscapes if we want to safely and effectively use these tools to upgrade the mind/brain interface

There’s a big difference between a microdose and “journey dose” and today founder of Third Wave, Paul Austin, is here to help us get to the bottom of it. As the founder of Third Wave, Paul Austin has educated millions on the importance of safe and effective psychedelic experiences. A pioneer at the intersection of microdosing, personal transformation, and professional success, he has been featured in Forbes, Rolling Stone, and the BBC's Worklife. Paul is also the author of Mastering Microdosing. We discuss:

  • Defining a microdose vs. a “journey dose”
  • What it means to be intentional when microdosing psychedelics and why it matters
  • The latest science about microdosing psilocybin
  • What the research says about frequency and dosing, and
  • Microdosing for performance enhancement—to improve creative expression, productivity, and flow
Working with a psychedelic narrows our focus and intention, allowing us to excavate what’s lying in the subconscious. - Paul Austin

You have to be brave and curious enough to look into the deeper parts of yourself—that's what psychedelics put you in touch with. And this episode is designed to help answer your burning questions to help you get started. Listen in now.

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*Psychedelics are classified as Schedule 1 Controlled Substances by the DEA, and not approved by the FDA for any accepted medical use or prescription.

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