Qualia Focus Reviews

Michelle P. - 2023-07-24
I love this product when I take I get really focused my mind opens up
Megan M. - 2023-07-02
It works great. I like that I don't have to take two doses for a day. It's amazing how it helps me power through my day.
Videl M. - 2023-07-01 | Beta Tester
Focus helps to focus, not so much on the Inspiration side.
K H. - 2023-06-29
Took quite a while to get here but customer support was very helpful. Thank you!
Rostyk M. - 2023-06-15
Look for yourself. The benefits are noticeable. Once you feel it, you can never go back without it. Much more effective than alfa brain
Oliver W. - 2023-06-15
I literally just popped a few pillies and my state is no longer normal. It almost feels like a drug from Limitless. Will have to try more and update this review. But so far seems promising
Aisling W. - 2023-06-02
I feel significantly better after taking this. I took off a star because I don't love caffeine being in everything and this fact wasn't very well advertised when I bought the product through a Facebook ad, but regardless of that I can tell the other ingredients are working very well because my caffeine boosts are never this good just by themselves. I can genuinely focus better, longer, and feel much more engaged and ready to take the day on.
Anthony S. - 2023-05-25 | Beta Tester
This product really did appear to provide more consistent mental energy for me throughout the day and mental clarity. I did notice more bruxism with some mild increases in anxiety (however the anxiety increases were not every day when taking it, only an average of 1 day per week). While I enjoyed this product, I prefer the functionality of Qualia Mind to this formula.
Ricardo M. - 2023-05-25 | Beta Tester
I feel a little more alert and able to focus better.
Raymond G. - 2023-05-24 | Beta Tester
This product works pretty well.
Zekiel W. - 2023-05-22 | Beta Tester
Overall the product was great but I just didn’t like the caffeine inside of it.
Whitney M. - 2023-05-22 | Beta Tester
Overall did seem to help with alertness. No negative effects and no jittery feeling.
Amber M. - 2023-05-22 | Beta Tester
My brain seems to be slightly more clearer with no bad side effects
Geoff L. - 2023-05-21 | Beta Tester
I noticed an increased tiredness on days off of supplement, and I developed headaches in the late afternoons on some, but not all, days while taking the supplement. Overall, I feel like it may have helped with focus, but the headaches and increased occurrences of irritation are not worth it to continue. I also don't normally consume caffeine (only 2-3 times a month), so I wouldn't want a supplement that has caffeine in it.
Daniel F. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
I am please with results after taking Qualia focus for 3 weeks. I was having very bad brain fog and I have seen an improvement from my baseline. I have tried Qualia Mind and it has better effects compared to Focus but comes at a price
Bruce M. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
It was easy to take and a reasonable amount and frequency. However I did not gain much benefit from it.
Melissa M. - 2023-05-19
I found this product to be helpful for studying and writing. I can have a challenging time focusing and this product does assist well.
Jamar S. - 2023-05-08
Focus all day long it's like i have a great edge while doing my task at my job and as well as my home.
Quinton S. - 2023-04-28
I can’t really say after just 10 days that i was able to completely take advantage of this. I’m not sure if it requires some time to start actually working but as i tried it out, i did feel more naturally energized without needing coffee to complete tasks after the first week
Miguel U. - 2023-04-24
Pretty much what I expected, gives a nice boost. This includes the equivalent of a B-Complex PLUS focus-enhancing ingredients like ginkgo, caffeine and ginger. I'd supplement with Magnesium too.
THOMAS B. - 2023-04-12 | Beta Tester
It seemed to help a little. I did not notice it completely, but maybe the dose is not enough for me due to usually having a high tolerance to medications.
Norman S. - 2023-04-11 | Beta Tester
felt better but have started taking the MIND product which seems to be much more effective
Jennifer F. - 2023-04-10 | Beta Tester
I loved the effect that Qualia Focus had, but am hesitant to become reliant on something I have to take every single day. It's a little too expensive to become a regular habit, and believe me, I'm frugal in many other ways, so it's not like I can cut something else to fit this into my budget. While I really liked being as focused as this made me, I must look for less costly alternatives. I'm already subscribed to Qualia Senolytics, so I'll see if there might be something else I can try. Than...Read more.
Suraj M. - 2023-04-04
so far with this ive been able to take coffee and cacao nib tea out of my diet while still maintaining a high level of focus in my work. enjoying it so far
Cj T. - 2023-03-16
Not bad, helps stay on track. Pairs good with coffee.