Qualia Focus Reviews

El B. - 2022-04-12
This is my first neurotropic, and after lots of research I chose Qualia Focus. I told myself if I like Focus, I'll upgrade to Qualia Mind. I took the first two capsule in the morning with lots of water, empty stomach. After approx. 30 minutes or more, I began to sense a shift of perception and a "weight" zeroing me. I knew it started. Immediately I got to studying and - as work requires at times - multitasking, all the while still centering on the focused task of studying. It works. Af...Read more.
brandon R. - 2022-04-09
Great mix of ingredients.
Gerardo E. - 2022-04-05
First dose today and all I can say is wow! Did more work today that I normally do in a week.
John B. - 2022-04-02
I felt an almost immediate uplift in sustained positive mood, and an ability to sustain directed attention for prolonged periods of time, while distracting thoughts dimmed in activity. I also noticed a noticeable workout performance enhancing effect in the gym, I was able to more readily enter into a state of full engagement with my exercise.
Sherry S. - 2022-03-21
I feel better and more uplifted with the first dose!
Andrew W. - 2022-03-18
Love the product but when it wears off you feel cloudy.
Leslie E. - 2022-02-23 | Beta Tester
This helped my focus, motivation, alertness, and energy without causing jitters or any other side effects that I noticed.
Doug W. - 2022-02-20
I have been taking Mind for a few years now and really appreciate it's benefits. However, I'm very conscientious of tolerance and try to cycle appropriately. Enter Focus. For a long time I had thought of Focus as "Mind Light" and thus redundant. However, I couldn't have been more wrong. Different ingredients. Different results and overall I think of Focus neither as a complementary or supplementary partner of Mind, rather it's own unique beast. Focus is exactly what it says it is; a focus ago...Read more.
Michael D. - 2022-02-17 | Beta Tester
Paired with the Qualia Mind I take every morning (standard 7 capsules), Focus gave me a significant boost right when I needed it. I saw additional clarity of thought, able to make connections I had been missing, and solved a number of problems that had been outstanding at work. I would be curious to see how Focus functions independent of Mind, as I suspect they are complementary in many ways but also perhaps redundant. Overall great experience, typically I would take Mind first with a bottle ...Read more.
Marc L. - 2022-02-12 | Beta Tester
Overall, I have felt an increase in mental clarity and well-being while taking Focus. I have definitely felt sharper than caffeine alone. I would describe it it feeling like I had a week of good sleep, where mental stress and fatigue are massively diminished. It's feels easy and and natural, not like the strained alertness of am energy drink.
Starley R. - 2022-02-12 | Beta Tester
Edward H. - 2022-02-11 | Beta Tester
I'd been taking Mind Essential, but found Focus somewhat better on my stomach and seemed to give me more focus, just what I was looking for! Other factors like sleep and schedule come into play, but overall my experience was good. I might well keeping taking and recommend anyone needing better focus to give it a try!
Manami M. - 2022-02-11 | Beta Tester
I am noticeably “locked in”. I’ve experienced an increase in focus, to the point where I’m forgetting to take breaks! I am able to sustain a full 8 hour day of work without burnout. I WFH now so focusing has become a challenge recently, however this formula seems to be really helping me be productive again.
Mikel H. - 2022-02-10 | Beta Tester
Very positive. It does what it advertises.
Isaac B. - 2022-02-10 | Beta Tester
So far I love this product. The first couple days I didn't really notice a difference but after that, I really noticed a huge increase in drive, motivation, and overall alertness. I also love how it's only two pills vs. the qualia mind, which is seven.
Rachel H. - 2022-02-10 | Beta Tester
The first day was the most profound in terms of extra energy and motivation. As the days went on, (being careful to take two days off), I had it much easier in terms of not being easily distracted in my tasks and even remembering better. In the past I have also used the Qualia Mind and honestly the Qualia Focus worked much better for me. I’m actually disappointed when I have to skip two days. I’m especially impressed with the renewed motivation. I tend to be a procrastinator, but it’s been mu...Read more.
Lilia H. - 2022-02-10 | Beta Tester
It is subtle but powerful. I'm able to read and absorb what I'm reading.
Ed H. - 2022-02-10 | Beta Tester
Jim K. - 2022-02-10 | Beta Tester
Overall, it was very good. I felt reasonably focused and alert. The taste was nice.
mark n. - 2022-02-09 | Beta Tester
I am more alert and energetic without experiencing mid day fatigue. My concentration has improved and I’m a bit better at multitasking without losing focus on the main task at hand.
Tyler N. - 2022-02-09 | Beta Tester
When I took it of course I felt more clarity, I would suggest adding a good version of lions mane though. Make sure you get the fruiting body.
Robyn L. - 2022-02-01
FOCUS has been a game changer as I work on specific work goals! My thoughts do not wander as they used to, and I clarity is so much better.
E A. - 2021-12-25
Since taking Qualia Focus, I've noticed a tremendous difference in my energy towards the tasks I do.
Benjamin K. - 2021-12-21
I highly recommend this product! I have consistently in my life dealt with brain fog and a lack of concentration, especially in the mornings. This product has no joke changed my life in terms of my productivity at work and home. Once I take my AM pills it can literally feel my brain starting to engage more and simple thought processes becoming much more clear and simple. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Reginald A. - 2021-12-02 | Beta Tester
After using this product for a month, after awhile I was able to feel the effects at a quicker rate than when I first started. I do believe this product is a good introduction to nootropics for people who can’t afford the higher priced NeuroHacker products.