Qualia Mind Reviews

Hussen A. - 2024-02-20
Didnt start yet but super excited, heard so many great things about this, sincerely looking forward to using qualimind
Sean B. - 2024-02-13
Really gives me a lot of focus! Of course eat healthy, but when paired with my normal routine and caffeine boost of coffee or tea before work, this product is great. Really does the job, and the focus is not too intense. Just enough to have an edge in order to do your work.
Brian B. - 2024-02-10
I've been using Qualia for several years now. As an athlete and business owner, I have to be clear-headed and sharp to perform. Qualia Mind has been a staple of my nutrition/supplement regimen. Love the product
Robyn K. - 2024-02-08
I started using Qualia Mind to help me maintain focus while I complete my Master's Thesis. I was completely free of brain fog with in 2 days!
Michael B. - 2024-02-08
I am still waiting to get into the habit of taking this, but overall the supplement raises your overall attention to detail, focus and energy.
Nicholas M. - 2024-02-03
Highly recommend. Feel better already
Jonathan M. - 2024-02-02
I’ve tried most of the major stacks and this is the only one where the ingredients are fully dosed.
Majo O. - 2024-02-01
I feel more in control, focused and confident. I was having a lot of trouble balancing work and my masters program. I feel way better now. I don’t know if it’s only Qualia, because I did other things to reduce stress. But since I started taking this supplement I feel more productive, sharp and happy.
Analeah L. - 2024-01-31
Brain Chemistry Homeostasis Wizard!
Tabitha M. - 2024-01-29
The First serving improved my mood and energy. Zero crash nor any type of withdrawal. I absolutely love Qualia Mind effect on my wellbeing. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on other neutropics & supplements and this product is superior.
Karine S. - 2024-01-27
I drive for a living and this has changed my life. Also I feel like my brain is for sure working better. I love it.
Jessica R. - 2024-01-24
I received my first bottle of Qualia Mind three days ago. I haven't had time to gauge the overall effects and will review properly after the first month or so. I take the full 7 capsule dose in the morning with my coffee, prior to food intake. I feel balanced throughout the day, capable and productive. I have not experienced any stomach upset, nor does this make me feel jittery. It does not have a negative impact on my already frustrated sleep cycles. If anything, I slept a little better last...Read more.
Jose P. - 2024-01-24
4.5/5 Really good product but recommend taking with food. Upsets my stomach when most things don't. Start off slow with 3 or 4 then get accustom to it. Going to try the energy shots next!
Darnelle S. - 2024-01-21
I used Qualia for several years, and recently stopped taking it for three months. I wanted to know what changes would occurred if I did not take Qualia. After all, it is not a cheap supplement to take. I determined that taking Qualia definitely makes a difference in my daily performance. I returned to taking 4 capsules daily, five days a week, During that time I noticed I stopped groping for words, and my memory and focus returned to the sharpness I was use to experiencing. I am satis...Read more.
Dustin C. - 2024-01-20
The stuff works yes good brain food
Dustin C. - 2024-01-20
Works well
Keith R. - 2024-01-20
I took three of the capsules as soon as they arrived and I noticed that my thinking was sharper and brighter within a couple of hours!
Joy S. - 2024-01-19
Seeing the difference with improved memory, clarity and focus. Have been taking Lions Mane and Ginkgo for a long time, but have not experienced the results like Qualia Mind.
John R. - 2024-01-19
I've been using Mind for two years now. As someone that is often working physically alone but within a virtual team, my ability to focus is everything. Mind has allowed me to add hours of meaningful work to my day.
Lin W. - 2024-01-19
Recommended serving size is 7 pills but personally I only take 2 and I feel the improvement. My mind feels clearer and I can articulate thoughts and speech better.
Brianne S. - 2024-01-18
The price is a little hefty but this has helped my husband tremendously with his work schedule. He works 12-18 hour days, so days in a row and needed a boost.
JoJo b. - 2024-01-17
Amazing product from an amazing team
MICHAEL S. - 2024-01-16
With all the research I've completed on the product Qualia Mind and the Company, I feel confident you are at the top of you're game. I am equally excited for further development. Don't stop!
Simon M. - 2024-01-13
This product is great to have in your arsenal for the days you need a little some extra to get you across the line, whether it’s a tight deadline or a mountain or work to get through - this product will help
Bennett E. - 2024-01-11
I am looking forward to taking Qualia Mind again, I took the original Qualia when it was first released and it was a strong experience. I look forward to using this batch in accordance with my daily rhythm and routines.