Qualia Mind Reviews

Patrick W. - 2021-10-16
Qualia Mind helps with the baseline clarity of my awareness, focus, and creativity.
Christine C. - 2021-10-16
I tried 2 other memory products, but this is the only one that made me feel more alert and energized. I’m pleased with it.
Gina Q. - 2021-10-16
Just got my Qualia Mind can’t wait to see if it makes a difference
Joseph B. - 2021-10-14
Keeps me dialed in
Ronnie E. - 2021-10-14
This is immensely more better than coffee. I get way more done in the day thanks to my clarity of mind and focus! Love this product and would recommend it to anyone.
Francisco S. - 2021-10-13
Caleb R. - 2021-10-13
Was skeptical, but it was pretty quick I noticed a change cognitively. My drive seems to have gone up-started my own business I've been putting off for forever. The price is a bit rough so I have thought about trying other brands but it's definitely a good product would recommend if you have the extra cash
Gary S. - 2021-10-12
Great product and customer service
Thomas H. - 2021-10-11
Both my wife and I are taking Qualia Mind. We are both in our upper 70's are very satisfied with the results. We both have higher energy levels especially toward the end of the day. We are definitely more focused. We also are very aware of eating a health diet.
Jonathan R. - 2021-10-09
The one distinct advantage in this product is the consistency it provides. It only gets better over time, and so long as you use as directed (5 on 2 off weekly), it will work wonders for you. Some other products may have a shorter-term improvement, but this one all-across the board gives my mind the ability to focus without feeling jittery, anxious or overwhelmed.
Leslie S. - 2021-10-08
Of all the products I've looked into or tried, Qualia Mind is the most comprehensive and I definitely feel a difference on and off it.
Jeremiah T. - 2021-10-06
I have tried a ton of different nootropics. Qualia Mind is the one the gives me the most clarity and recall.
DeWayne W. - 2021-10-05
I've been looking for something to help with energy and focus. This is what I needed. I am amazed at how it has helped me. I am excited about taking it 5 days a week. The product is worth every dime. Thank you for producing an amazing product.
Bryce K. - 2021-10-05
I’ve used several nootropics and there’s no real comparing them to quality mind. Others will get the job done, but quality will take you further.
Kevin F. - 2021-10-05
All-day energy with no crash or jittery feeling.
edwin m. - 2021-10-04
Been using it for about 2 weeks aside from the price this product is great I do feel a difference in memory retention and I can think clearer I'm continue this product for 3 months and see how much benefit I get out of it
Stephanie Alaine B. - 2021-10-03
Honestly I was very skeptical. However, I have been taking only 2 a day and have already noticed increased focus. As a 44yr old who is back in college, sometimes my brain just gets tired. Since I have been taking this supplement I have noticed greater mental clarity, increased focus, and the ability to get my schoolwork done easier.
Shaz S. - 2021-10-03
Works very well! I found my brain to be super-speed.
Carolyn T. - 2021-10-02
I like your Mind product, but I can't afford to use it on a regular basis. Your product is too expensive for me. I take a lot of supplements, and it would have to be much more affordable for me to add to my daily supplement regime.
Jake S. - 2021-09-23
Andrew C. - 2021-09-22
I am mentally better prepared for the day, and can take on more tasks without the early afternoon burnout.
gustavo G. - 2021-09-21
game changer for productivity! I get a sharp focus and I am able to get things done. definitely increased my ability to be productive!
Dmitriy K. - 2021-09-21
I have been so much more focused & driven since starting this product a couple years ago. It may be "expensive", but so is a Mercedes. You pay for quality.
Michael S. - 2021-09-19
This product does everything it claims to do. I feel like a new, better version of myself. I'm more alert and more motivated!
Michael K. - 2021-09-17
I felt the effects the first day within 20 mins but noticed really easing into it around 3 weeks in and it gets me through the morning until early afternoon without a crash. The upswing also feels smooth as well. It’s definitely worth the money. I combine it with Qualia life and night too