Qualia Mind Reviews

DARREN L. - 2022-05-20
I've had really bad brain fog recently and after taking Qualia Mind in the morning for a few days, it completely disappeared. Thanks Neurohacker!
Humberto C. - 2022-05-17
Very recommended to start your day with a mind and body boost, it takes about the first bottle to get use to it, but after that you brain starts working even better and makes you remember and have memories more handy.
Lazaro G. - 2022-05-14
Make my life easier
Ana F. - 2022-05-12
Awesome noontropics
John K. - 2022-05-10
I’ve been using Qualia Mind (caffeine free version) for a month. This is the first nootropic that has impressed me. Within less than an hour of my morning dose, I experience enhanced alertness and lucidity, along with greater verbal fluency and ability to focus. The effects last for several hours, with no residual jitters or fatigue. This is a terrific, powerful product. Highly recommended!
Tomas C. - 2022-05-10
So far first day trying them starting with 2 capsules. I already feel a heightened sense of awareness and laser like focus. looking forward to see what the long-term affects will be like
Samantha A. - 2022-05-09
Out of all the nootropics I’ve tired Qualia is by far the most effective!
Curtis K. - 2022-05-08
Great combination of ingredients all in one pill, noticeable lift during the day.
Michael T. - 2022-05-07
This product always jumpstarts my day, clearing any brainfog or anytime I need that productivity boost.
Therron H. - 2022-05-06
I absolutely love Qualia Mind. I tried Alpha Brain at the beginning of my Nootropic journey. After a months supply and not notice a whole lot, I decided to switch to what seemed to be the most popular Nootropic supplement on the market. I have now been using it for 2 months and the results and nearly unbelievable. I have better day to day drive, memory, and clarity. I’m able to focus on the specific tasks at hand with out bouncing around like an young boy with ADHD.
Athena B. - 2022-05-06
I am enjoying the effects of this nootropic over all others I’ve tried! A great adjunct to my wellness stack!
Joseph D. - 2022-05-06
Data analytics require an extreme amount of focus, and that's what I get from Qualia Mind. So worth it!
Matthew S. - 2022-05-06
Qualia Mind is an essential product to beat procrastination!
Garth G. - 2022-04-30
Super effective
Lucas S. - 2022-04-29
Qualia mind is a great part of my routine. Kicks in during the morning commute/podcast And leaves me feeling great for the rest of the day!
varun h. - 2022-04-28
Very helpful
Michael B. - 2022-04-26
I've noticed that after getting through my first bottle of Qualia Mind, a number of things have improved. I'm calmer (especially in stressful/annoying situations), I'm more focused, I'm more motivated, and as a result, I'm just more productive all around. While the product is pricey, I would definitely say that it's worth it.
Jonathan T. - 2022-04-25
Qualia Mind, the Original full-spectrum Nootropic product from the genius Neurohacker team, is the best product of its kind on the market. It is a thoughtful formulation of everything you need to be a high-performer and producer in this fast-paced world of ours. I am an entrepreneur and a cloud engineer, balancing both to succeed in both a personal life and professional setting. My career develop and self-development has both taken off and I feel like a high-performance individual that is cap...Read more.
Nathan W. - 2022-04-25
Love this product for a focused work week where I have a lot to get done.
Zack B. - 2022-04-22
A mus have! Now a regular part of my daily routine and life!
Sara S. - 2022-04-22
As a pharmacist, I am keenly aware of the deceptive tactics and outright lies that the majority of supplement/vitamin companies utilize. The corporations that actually put the ingredients they advertise, and in the correct quantity, are few and far between. I've tried virtually every brand of supplement under the sun that claims to improve focus. Not a single one worked until I tried Qualia Mind. My attention to detail and ability to drown out the ever present background noise of the pharmacy...Read more.
Brenda d. - 2022-04-22
Impressive ingredients and already boosting my energy and focus!
Melanie K. - 2022-04-21
This is the best nootropic that I have tried so far...I have ADD and I don't want to be on adderal, so I thought I would give nootropics a try, I tried a bunch of different ones and Qualia is by far my favorite!!! I just love it!!!Thank you Neurohacker....
Heather F. - 2022-04-21
Took on day 3 of a fast and woke up with major brain fog which cleared in about an hour. Head has been clear since taking.
TOBIAS V. - 2022-04-19
Took a long time researching and following Neurogacker and glad I finally decided to take the dive. Qualia Mind is a great stack and provides a clear a consistent focus, no drop off and just a smooth even flow. My brain thanks you.