Qualia Mind Reviews

Christopher L. - 2022-12-15
Its like a sharpener for my brain.
Nicolette H. - 2022-12-15
I started taking this product about 2 weeks ago and I've already noticed a difference. I'm able to be more productive and focused during the day. I've also noticed I'm not forgetting words as frequently as I was before.
Ricardo C. - 2022-12-12
I noticed great focus and attention, especially when I read, wrote, drove, and communicated with others.
REDACTED R. - 2022-12-12
Ive literally enjoyed this product as ive finished 2 bottles already, every dosage worked it never did not work, i could rely on it everyday and i would have a great day, however the price is alil too much at 150, if i could get in a subscription where its cheaper i would definitely buy more in a heartbeat.
John A. - 2022-12-11
Just a little background before I get into this review. I am a professional online Marketer. I spend close to 60 hours per week online, and at the end of the week, I am exhausted physically and mentally, or at least I was before I found Qualia. I was referred Qualia by one of my students and on the very first day, I knew that this was a game changer! The mental clarity and sharp decision making skills made me feel as if I was instantly rejuvenated. I have now referred this product to hundreds...Read more.
Michael L. - 2022-12-11
Great product. It literally changed my life. I whole heartedly believe this product can change lives and improve your well being.
Everett M. - 2022-12-09
Haven’t tried the pills just yet. Just received them today. Looking forward to the experience
Red N. - 2022-12-08
Have tried lots of other nootropics and this brand by far is the best!
Salman M. - 2022-12-08
I've only used it for 2 days, so far feel great and very focused.
Gabriel V. - 2022-12-08
My mom is always working so I decided to give it to her and it work instantly
Dan A. - 2022-12-07
So far so good, only been taking it for 1 week and I'm feeling more clear minded and focused.
Radek P. - 2022-12-06
I could definitely feel it! Felt very motivated!
Charles M. - 2022-12-04
Finally, i have made my expsensive rounds and finally a product that is worth the money. i seriously want to not only give props to the company but make it clear this is not a fake review, i have felt a noticable difference and overall improvement since i have started taking this, i am using a few other of the products so i am trying to balance how and when to take them but i am not dissapointed!
Ishab P. - 2022-12-04
I bought these for my dad who is around 70 years of age and suffers from narcolepsy. He has good focus and memory, but had issuses to stay awake espically during the later time of the day. Until recentley he also started saying he has started to forget things alot. I got him a bottle to try as I have heard good things about this nootropic. He started takes 3 capsule in the moring and 3 in the afternoon,as it was difficult to take all 7 at one time. The effects were immedialty visible. He admi...Read more.
Ali A. - 2022-12-03
Amazing, 10/10 I feel like I could take over the world I will buy again
Alex H. - 2022-12-01
I needed to regain my edge, focus and energy. This product has helped thanks to the recommendation of my Doctor.
Maxwell E. - 2022-12-01
Works well, I've noticed more focus. Also got the Night version, has helped me a lot with sleeping. Can be hard to wake up though but ... That may be my fault🤦
Tuff M. - 2022-11-29
It worked for me. Remember to take days away from it for a better effect
Ashish K. - 2022-11-27
This is by far the best product to provide day long focus and drive without being "too much" the way many other products feel.
Yarick T. - 2022-11-25
Thought I should feel it on the second week, took it yesterday morning for the first time, I loved it so far - very cool calm and collected!
Brad L. - 2022-11-20
Taking this product worked super quickly for me. I have taken nootropics for a while and this is looking to be a great product!
Tyler R. - 2022-11-17
I got this originally for myself but after realizing there's a caffeine I gifted the bottle to my father. He's enjoying it and tells me it works great.
James F. - 2022-11-17
This is a great product! It makes quite a difference and I look forward every weekday morning to taking it!
Melissa S. - 2022-11-16
Don't judge until you try.........has massively changed my energy and mind
Naveen H. - 2022-11-16
Awesome benefits from taking this one, clears brain fog and keeps my routine intact.