Qualia Mind Reviews

Juan P. - 2023-10-10
I tried various nootropics without success until Qualia Mind, It is the best. Totally recommend it.
Kyle A. - 2023-10-08
I take right before lunch and I never crab at all and can go right through to the evening.
Chanik P. - 2023-10-06
Within 20 minutes, I could feel the energy boost. I had mental clarity, focus and improved mood as well. Very good product. Long lasting and no side effects for me.
William B. - 2023-10-05
One month in and satisfied. No complaints. Noticeable difference albeit hard to describe, more productive and focused.
Franco C. - 2023-10-04
works great! I feel the benefits working for my memory, focus, and performance
Ahmed A. - 2023-10-03
It's perfect, I can able to stay focus!
Cait H. - 2023-10-03
I find this product gives me a great energy boost
Maurie W. - 2023-10-02
I have been using Qualia Mind to start my work day for the past 3 weeks and am very pleased so far. It easy for me to get off track with all of life's other demands once I hit my desk in the morning, but I have been getting a great jump on my work day with the help of Qualia Mind these past few weeks. i take a lot of supplements regularly so don't often feel huge benefits from any individual one, however I feel my productivity has been noticeably better since starting Qualia Mind. Thank you N...Read more.
Bryan O. - 2023-10-02
Great product. I highly recommend
Jose R. - 2023-09-29
Qualia mind works as advertised. It helps me focus on mental tasks longer, faster, and more efficient. It doesn't clear my mind off spontaneous thoughts or flight of ideas. I have more productive days when using this product especially when paired with adequate sleep, having a dedicated work station, and uninterrupted work from external distractions.
Deneen E. - 2023-09-25
I have noticed significant improvement in the way I think especially when I am trying to recall a word I want to use in conversation. I notice a difference between when I do and don’t take this
Deneen E. - 2023-09-23
There has been significant improvements in my thinking, and ability to recall the words I am looking to say. I have noticed that my cognitive abilities are better while taking this.
Maxwell S. - 2023-09-23
Solid product and one of the best nootropics I've ever used!
Randi D. - 2023-09-22
I can recall names easier, stay on task easier.
Julie B. - 2023-09-21
I know it sounds funny but I look forward to taking these products each day knowing I am proactively affecting my health and longevity.
sabrina . - 2023-09-19
Transparency is that I've just started taking this. However so far so good. No side effects. Too soon to tell but I follow Ben Greenfield and if it's good enough for him... Well you know!
Frank M. - 2023-09-14
Every word expressed about the quality benefits of Qualia Mind by way of review, places me in a position of total agreement. A welcome blessing to the human mind.
kaede t. - 2023-09-13
Feels great using this over some time, improved my ability to get things done throughout the day, I now feel like I don't have enough time to get all things done which what the opposite back then ahaha!
Nathan P. - 2023-09-11
This is the real deal. The ingredients are incredibly thoughtful, clearly based not just on clinical research but on the synergistic effects of the ingredients. The focus and motivation, as a result of taking Qualia Mind, are incredibly high without feeling like I'm stuck in a tunnel. Highly recommend!
Samuel S. - 2023-09-09
Whenever I take Qualia, I feel more in tune with my body. Things I need to do become easy with less resistance. I feel I’m one step closer to breaking out of the sim.
Ronnie A. - 2023-09-07
Definitely works. When I take this product I notice that I don’t need coffee or an energy. Not only that but the energy feel cleaner and much more sustained and than an energy. I use this product before I go to work and I can still feel the effects after a 9hr shift so much so that I’m able to go to the gym after work and still have enough mental and physical energy to get chores done at home!
David D. - 2023-09-06
I decided to try this product cause I have heard good things from it, can't believe that I order it yesterday evening and it was sitting in my front porch this morning, super fast shipping, I still have to wait to see results yet
ben m. - 2023-09-02
No brain fog, alert, focused. I don't even take the full recommended dose and I feel great!
jordanis l. - 2023-09-02
I tend to use this product when im getting ready for a long study session, it helps me focus for sure! I have to be quite careful at not getting distracted, unfortunately this doesn't help too much with distractions, but it does help with focus overall! Also since it has so much b12 It helps my workout routine, I just take one while working out to help give me a boost!
Francine R. - 2023-08-31
I love this product and it has helped my focus and concentration during my crazy work week and being a full time Mom!