Qualia Vision Reviews

Chance E. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
Easy one pill a day with food supplement. I have had no negative issues.
Matt M. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
Although I haven't had noticeable effects that i can feel, my HRV seems to have bumped up a little. Seem to falling asleep faster too.
ali e. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
super easy to take, no bad taste, no bad fillers. i didnt give 5 stars because i havent noticed any changes
Ken R. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
Vision seems a little sharper, it's almost like I see in HD now!
Jesse F. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
No noticeable difference yet, so I am assuming It needs more than 2 weeks to have a substantial effect
Manlio L. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
Not sure about what to expect before start taking Vision, the first week I realized that I did have less eye fatigue/strain during work. And I do work a lot in front a PC. I'll continue trying the product focusing on its effect in the long run.
Nichelle C. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
I’m not sure if the amount of pills would be enough for me to seeing anything significantly major to occur. Maybe there’s been a slight change. Not anything that I can say definitely though. I do think that while watching my tv from about 30 feet I think I can make out the words subtitles a little better. Could be that, or it could be just me wanting that and hence a placebo, I’m out of the pills as of now tonight, so I won’t know anything else, as I’ve stopped them, because I don’t have anym...Read more.
Andreas R. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
This isn't some miracle vision-enhancing supplement, but it helps to relieve some eye strain from staring at screens too long.
Diana S. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
I’m noticing less contact lens irritation late-night when I’m on my computer
Barbara T. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
My eyes are not as dry as they had been, and they had been quite dry due to allergies, age, and what may have been a botched LASIK procedure 15 years ago. So this is a really good early sign!
Jay R. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
I’m a welder for over 20 years now I do a lot of small welding I need to Focus a lot I find it easier to do this thanks
Miguel C. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
When I would take this I would feel tried but have seem some improvement with my vison so far.
Adrian S. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
Vision, especially at night, seems to be better.
Michael S. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
I’ve only taken it for 2 and a half weeks so it is a bit difficult to tell any difference however I have noticed a bit more clarity when viewing my tv
Tamara V. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
I noticed that I started seeing better everything in the close vicinity. I have to take off my prescription glasses for reading. But for far-away objects I still need glasses. Good product! Thanks!
Andrew S. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
It's so far so good with one downside. It makes me tired about 1 hour after taking it I get drowsy
Jameson Randle Corye J. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
While I still am trying to pick out an real differences I have noticed less strained out and more focused vision
Joshua B. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
David S. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
I’ve only observed an increased sense of brilliance in the color spectrum.
Daniel F. - 2021-06-12 | Beta Tester
Have been taking the product for one week and I have noticed that my eyes are not as tired as before. I really did not make sense of it until I remembered at the end of the week that I was taking them and realized how good it was so far
Joshua V. - 2021-03-03 | Beta Tester
Felt like my eyes were less strained than usual. Better than Eye Armor by Bulletproof
Antonio G. - 2021-03-02 | Beta Tester
I don't really "feel" any effects but I have noticed just slight improvements in vision (mostly at night)
Heather B. - 2021-03-02 | Beta Tester
I feel like this has helped my overall eyesight and vision health, less strain.
Alexis L. - 2021-02-21 | Beta Tester
Don’t like the excessive teary eyes and sometimes dry eyes
Marilyn C. - 2023-09-09
Haven't taken it long enough to tell if its helping. Not very enthusiastic about there only being 20 pills in a bottle. Usually a bottle will have at least 30 pills.