Qualia Vision Reviews

Elizabeth G. - 2021-12-12
Only had the first bottle and didn’t notice any changes as of yet. My 2nd bottle will arrive the 14th. I will update when I have finished 2nd bottle if I notice difference with my vision in anyway.
Andrea A. - 2021-12-02
I have used one bottle of this at 1/day and haven’t noticed any improvement in my eyesight. Just moved up to 2/day and hoping that will make a difference.
Shan M. - 2021-11-30
I can’t really tell how this is helping me at this stage (3 weeks). I have an astigmatism in both eyes. One worse than the other. But my eyes have been noticeably less strained. More relaxed, and I’m uncertain if my vision has improved in range or if I’m just imagining. Would take longer to know.
Stephanie Alaine B. - 2021-10-02
Honestly, I haven't noticed much of a difference yet. I have been taking two a day. I plan to continue through another bottle and see if I notice any difference when I stop taking it.
arvid e. - 2021-09-25 | Beta Tester
I haven't noticed any change or other effect that can be attributed to the product.
Andrew T. - 2021-09-21 | Beta Tester
Beta vision
Carrie T. - 2021-09-11 | Beta Tester
Product was easy to take and no problems digestively. I just noticed a marked difference.
Adam L. - 2021-09-10 | Beta Tester
Not too much difference, not sure if it had much effect.
Birabwa M. - 2021-09-10 | Beta Tester
I believe rhe product could work if I was using it long term and if I was completely done with my Detox. As a person who had numerous medical issues from childhood and had high doses of various medications, I am aware that I have a high amount of heavy metals in my system - not to mention amalgam fillings. If I did not have a heavy Toxin load, I 6hink I could have given you a more accurate answer.
Cecilio F. - 2021-08-25 | Beta Tester
Neutral, Didn’t really notice anything any direction
Austin S. - 2021-08-24 | Beta Tester
I honestly did not notice any effects.
Cameron A. - 2021-08-24 | Beta Tester
Didn’t notice any change
Ken M. - 2021-08-24 | Beta Tester
I'm afraid I did not notice a difference.
Andrew W. - 2021-08-24 | Beta Tester
Three weeks wasn't long enough to see a noticeable difference. Giving a good review, due to the formula and stack of key supplements.
Brandi B. - 2021-08-23 | Beta Tester
Not a bad experience at all but no noticeable difference
Keri C. - 2021-08-23 | Beta Tester
I didn't notice much of an effect.
Thomas W. - 2021-08-23 | Beta Tester
No real noticeable difference, but one day for about 3 minutes I was seeing a flashing type of effect in my eyes.
Brian K. - 2021-08-23 | Beta Tester
I did not experience any negative effects however I did not notice any obvious changes to how I felt or my vision.
Curtis C. - 2021-07-21
I've taken a full bottle and started on my 2nd bottle...at this point, I can not tell any vision improvements...I'll keep taking as directed and we'll see what happens...thx.
Brian S. - 2021-07-05
I haven’t noticed anything - probably not on it long enough to tell
Cori C. - 2021-07-04
Initially my floaters were not as obvious. Things seemed a little brighter and clearer. They pretty much stayed the same from the 1st 5 doses til after all 15
Michele L. - 2021-07-03 | Beta Tester
I think you need to be on this a few Months. Can’t say I’ve had any major changes, but perhaps my vision up close has gotten clearer and less vague.
Wyatt S. - 2021-07-01
I still stand by my initial statement - I think this product would be more beneficial for older people or individuals who have seeing issues.
Keith R. - 2021-07-01 | Beta Tester
no noticeable changes to my vision
Kellie Z. - 2021-07-01
Hard to say yet as I didn't notice anything instant. I assume it will take more than 2 weeks to see the improvements. I would love it if they work as claimed!