Gut Brain - Dr. Emeran Mayer - Neuroscience

Gut Brain - Dr. Emeran Mayer - Neuroscience

Today we have with us world-renowned gastroenterologist, neuroscientist, and best-selling author of The Mind Gut Connection and The Gut Immune Connection, Dr. Emeran Mayer.

In this captivating episode, we explore the intricate gut-brain dialogue, unveiling its profound influence on both mental and physical health and how early life experiences shaped your mind-gut connection. We delve into the following fascinating topics:

  • The profound link between our gut and brain, and its impact on our emotions, thoughts, and behavior and mental disorders.
  • Explore how early life experiences shape the mind-gut connection and impact long-term physical and mental health.
  • The crucial role of the gut microbiome in maintaining optimal physical and mental well-being.
  • Exploring the effects of diet on gut health and its implications for our mental and emotional states.
  • Investigating the bidirectional relationship between stress and gut health, along with practical strategies to manage stress for overall well-being.
Every time you experience an emotion, you change your gut function and the environment in which the microbes live in. - Emeran Mayer, MD.

Listen in to learn how early life experiences shaped your gut-brain dialogue and lifestyle tips to nurture a thriving mind-gut connection.

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