Theresa A. reviewed Qualia Original Stack

almost 2 years ago

Amazing at first, subtle over time

I wonder if Qualia is going to post my comments due to their stance on recreational drugs, but I have to go on record and say that Qualia has definitively given me the tools necessary to combat (and maybe reverse) some of the worst damage I've done to my brain during some of my less-than-discerning years playing around with illegal substances. I've made the personal decision to avoid using any sort of SSRI or antidepressant to treat my depression and anxiety symptoms, and so when my mental fog, lack of creative inspiration, and general detachment from my world developed into a fever pitch, I decided to try Qualia before getting prescribed in a last ditch effort to avoid supporting big pharma and regain the clarity I needed to succeed as a creative professional. I am infinitely happy I did. The results and feelings that other reviewers are reporting immediately on the onset are true - the supplement packs a powerful punch within a week of use. The first month on the supplements was amazing for me. The negative internal backtalk, the disinterest in things that used to excite me, the depression and anxiety were all still there - what was different was I finally felt like I had enough mental room to actively see where the source of these things were coming from. I could finally breathe again, in a situation where I thought I had committed irreparable damage to my brain in my cavorting with the unknown. I have been using the supplements faithfully for three months now, and its true, the second and third month have been decidedly less intense as the first month. However, I'm finding that the results of the supplement haven't necessarily changed - they've deepened. I've noticed a subtle growth in awareness, self-confidence, and creativity that I know I didn't have access to when I wasn't taking the stack. I'm more resilient in the face of shaky situations, and I feel that I own myself and the room much more easily. I find that I love living more, and that th...

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Karina D. February 15, 2018

Did not work for me

Although I can really appreciate that the company is really trying to do something great here, what they are offering as far as formulation goes, it did not really fit my chemistry. I had this weird side effect to the second bottle pill, and headaches were constant even after change the dosage to...

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Brandon . October 16, 2017

Subtle but it works

I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed that it didn't have the WOW factor that Ben Greenfield described in his review. But after a few days of use I did feel..."smoother"? More even-keeled. Things did bother me a much and I found it easier to shrug off negative emotions.

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Tom . February 20, 2018

Two thumbs up

I've been using Qualia for about 3 weeks. I've noticed several profound effects including increased distress tolerance, enhanced auditory and visual processing, to decreased depression and distractedness. I'm very happy with this product and appreciate how it has increased my awareness around ...

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