Chris F. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Great Product

Great immune protection in a time when our immune system is finally get viewed with the correct level of importance

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Sarah M. February 2, 2021

Beta tester - 1 week for Immune

I didn't notice a major difference in how I felt each day, to be honest. Initially, I did experience good energy. The only adverse affect I experienced was some bloating on the second day of taking this (which was definitely not food related, but may or may not have been from the product). Ove...

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hector r. January 27, 2021

immune boost

it helped me get better sleep at night. Its immune, but it really helped with my sleep

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Robin C. January 22, 2021

Bring Energy Back

I began taking this product approximately 1 week after returning from international travel which had me feeling down. During the course of the week taking this my overall health and energy improved dramatically. The hangover from the trip disappeared within one day and I was feeling my best after...

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Kevin M. January 22, 2021

Good Start

Have not noticed a difference. Not unusual when dealing with immune system

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