Lou D. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

No difference for me.

I honestly didn't notice any difference while taking this product.

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Cameron D. January 31, 2021

Good Potential for Improved Immune Health

It is easy to take and I feel as though it could be helpful towards immune health. I took the recommended four capsules in the morning with breakfast for five consecutive days.

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Brandon P. January 29, 2021


Very good product. The effects are subtle and I felt really good while taking it

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Michael M. January 27, 2021

Nothing yet

I have been taking it for the past two days. No noticeable change yet. That is a good thing!

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Edward H. February 2, 2021

Beta-Immune experience

one of the biggest things I noticed while taking the product was a slight boost of energy, and what felt like a little time dilation. it seemed like there was more time in the day, but instead of it dragging on it felt like I was accomplishing more throughout the day. after the final day of takin...

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