Earl B. - 2024-02-14
I JUST GOT this product. I lifted up the label on the cap, cuz it says "CURIOUS? peel here." That labe then says go to this url for a free gift. AND the "gift" is "Please RATE OUR PRODUCT!!! How the F do I have ANY IDEA about the product???? REALY turned OFF at this point. PLUS I THOUGHT I was buying a product that had a once a month dose???? Not that I mind taking 2 pills a day but I am now very concerned that I bought the wrong thing. The marketing of this product is ridiculous and confusin...Read more.
Rebecca D. - 2024-01-24
Took Qualia night as directed for a month and not only noticed zero difference in sleep, but I woke up more frequently throughout the night.
guy c. - 2024-01-23
Going into my 3rd week and have seen no real effect yet. Still hoping though!
Erick B. - 2024-01-23
Tried this once so far and haven't noticed anything. How do I know it is getting rid of zombie cells? I'll give it 3 chances to see if I notice anything. Pricy supplement if I don't see anything.
Christophe G. - 2024-01-22
Its been 1month and 7 days...I have emailed the customer service and was told IU would get a new shipment-- >>> I have never received my bottle nor got a refund
Cedric T. - 2024-01-17
The product came highly recommended but it made virtually no difference in my sleep during the 3 nights I tested it apart from being a bit more foggy in the morning. So quite pricey for the result.
Peter S. - 2024-01-10
This morning (the 2nd day), I noticed a little niacin flush this morning (which I like). Check back after about 2 or 3 weeks
Neil Dr H. - 2023-12-27
Have not noticed any difference in the way that I feel.
Mary P. - 2023-12-22
Causes really bad tummy issues
Joe S. - 2023-12-15
DID NOT notice anything that was promised. I stopped my VERY my expensive subscription.
Jean L. - 2023-12-13
Dont feel like the 6 pills then another 6 made any difference in how I felt.
Michael K. - 2023-12-13
can't tell can difference. What am I supposed to feel
Jane S. - 2023-11-08
Ever since I used the product, I have had itching that I cannot get rid of it.
Ser G. - 2023-11-08
Tried it 2 nihhts in a row and didn't feel any sleep inprovement.
Hisae I. - 2023-11-06
No changes in sleep quality nor did not have me stay asleep after continuing for a week, I gave up. Too many pills to take.
Sharon C. - 2023-11-02
I have taken this for 2 months and have not seen any improvements or results from this. For the price, the packaging is extremely basic, the pills come in blister packs. Absolute scam, and the reviews definitely seem fake. Save your money.
Steven J. - 2023-10-31
I keep receiving subscription charges for a product never delivered and cancelled subscriptions... Horrible experience
John Henry P. - 2023-10-18
This product didn’t work
Emmanuel A. - 2023-10-11
I am not impressed at all. I feel nothing invigorating my system. I do not find it worthwhile trying it for another one more month.
Monica S. - 2023-10-08
I only bought the I e time and did not sign up for a subscription, but they keep charging me and will not respond
Steve C. - 2023-10-01
Doesn’t work
Nevada H. - 2023-10-01
This gave me a headache and made me very tired all day. And now I'm trying to cancel my subscription and they are not letting me...typical
Sheila L. - 2023-09-05
I have not noticed anything 😔
Pam G. - 2023-09-01
I didn’t notice any difference in taking this product. It’s very expensive to not notice any benefits! I don’t recommend this product
Andy S. - 2023-08-23
I was hopeful this would help my vision but it had no effect at all.