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Choosing the Right Formula

QUALIA FOCUS & QUALIA MIND are premier, research-based nootropics designed to support and maximize brain health.* Determine which product is right for you by viewing the differences below.


Qualia Focus

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Qualia Mind

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Focus and Concentration (i.e. avoid distraction)
Mental Clarity
Reasoning (i.e. problem solving)
Mood & Emotional Enhancement
Drive (i.e. willpower)
Verbal Recall
Stress-Related Fatigue and Energy
Full-Spectrum Nootropic Pathway Nutrition
Neuroplasticity, and Neurogenesis (i.e. brain health)
Cell Energy & Membrane Health

With increased ingredients, dosages and additional nutrient synergies Qualia Mind provides more robust support for attention, accuracy, and focus in stressful environments and demanding situations.

Notably, we added ingredients PQQ, Phosphatidylserine, DHA, and CDP-Choline to the Qualia Mind formulation to support cellular energy production and cell membrane (lipid bilayer) health. These additions support cell fluidity and responsiveness to neurotransmitters, and the formation of synaptic connections between neurons in the nervous system (synaptogenesis) used for memory and learning. These ingredients are especially important for persons wanting to optimize memory and brain health through the aging process.

Qualia Mind has CDP-Choline, Sunflower Lecithin (supplying Phosphatidylserine) and an increased dosage of Uridine. These provide extra support for the critical choline pathway involved in memory and attentional focus.

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What Makes Qualia Different?

Neurohacker Collective takes a complexity science—the science of complex adaptive systems—approach to formulation. This process results in the creation of supplements that both enhance the brain’s adaptive capacity and upregulate the entire body for optimal well-being.
Research-backed Ingredients
The researched-backed ingredients and dosages we have chosen in our formulas support the complex interactions between neurotransmitter signaling, neural structure and function, and support processes like metabolism, cell energy, and antioxidant defenses.
Purity & Potency
We take great care to use the most potent, high-purity, and bioavailable forms of each ingredient that are gluten-free and non-GMO.
Ingredient Form
Our ingredients are in the most biologically active form for their intended purpose (i.e., methylated, acetylated, phosphorylated, L-form, D-form). The form of the nutrient makes orders of magnitude difference, which is a category we’ll never compromise on, and also is responsible for the difference in cost.
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Doctors, Scientists, Health and Fitness Leaders Who Love Qualia

Our careful and laborious formulation process has lead to the creation of products that doctors, healthcare practitioners, scientists, health and wellness leaders enjoy recommending to their patients and clients.

Mark Divine

Ben Greenfield
of Ben Greenfield Fitness

Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D.
of The Psychology Podcast

Rachele Brooke Smith
of Disruptive Dare

Dr. Heather Sandison
of North County Natural Medicine

Mike Bledsoe
of The Bledsoe Show

Thadeus Owen
of Primal Hacker

Mansal Denton
of Nootropedia.com

Jason Silva
of Brain Games / Nat Geo

Michael Mannino
of EmboddiedFit

Dr. Dan Stickler
of Aperion Academy

Dr. Hyla Cass
Author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

Fall Special! Save 10% on Qualia Mind or Qualia Focus (code FALL10) SHOP NOW

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