The Future of Medicine & Neurohacking

The Future of Medicine & Neurohacking

The guys from The Futurist Podcast talk with Daniel Schmachtenberger about the future of medicine and neurohacking.

Today, we will be interviewing one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, about one of the most important topics out there. Our mental and physical health. I'll be honest, this guy is so crazy smart that even I (Ben) had a REALLY hard time following along in this conversation. If you dare to listen, expect to find yourself in a trance like state of pure awe.

Daniel has a trans-disciplinary science background within a whole systems, complexity, and integral framework. He loves solving seemingly intractable problems by reassessing the foundational data and axioms of a field then restructuring it from the ground up.

He began seriously studying health and neurology when afflicted with neurological and autoimmune illnesses that had no known solutions in either allopathic or complementary medicine. The insights that lead to his healing came from developing a new model for understanding physiology and pathology, which he then applied to helping many people address various forms of complex illness and optimize their capabilities beyond their previous healthy baselines.

Daniel was the academic dean for a college of mind-body medicine and has consulted for many cutting edge integrative doctors and medical clinics to help find novel solutions for complex cases. He created and ran a cutting edge think tank developing complex systems solutions for environmental and social issues, and has directed a transdisciplinary group of scholars on a philosophy of mind project addressing core questions of mind/ brain interface and developing an axiomatic reformulation for the epistemology of neuroscience.

He has a significant background with and love for psychedelics, nootropics, meditation, depth psychology, and all effective tools for evolving states and stages of consciousness and evolving the human experience.

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