Mental Toughness - Mark Divine - Mindset

Mental Toughness - Mark Divine - Mindset

Our mental strength and emotional resilience play intrinsic roles in how we show up in the world. Mental fortitude helps us be fully immersed in life, fully aware, and fully alive. But how do we build an unbeatable mind? How can we retrain negative biases so that in life, when the metaphorical game is on the line, we can recognize that every negative – pressure, challenges, critiques – are all opportunities for growth?

Enter Mark Divine, expert in human performance as it is displayed in mental toughness, leadership and physical readiness. Today Mark joins us to discuss:

  • The role that stillness, time spent in nature, and awe play in building mental toughness
  • How to properly meditate and embrace sacred silence
  • Why we need dedicated training in order to break negative brain patterns
  • Three preparatory practices to focus the mind
  • How to tune our bodies vibrationally to qualities that are experienced emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually
If you're not training your mind the world's training it for you. - Mark Divine

If you want to develop or strengthen your mental fortitude, this episode is for you. Listen in now.

To hear more from Mark Divine, check out his earlier Collective Insights episode with Neurohacker Co-founder, Daniel Schmachtenberger, entitled Kokoro Training: Neurohacking Practices of Elite Forces.

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