Qualia Focus Reviews

David O. - 2021-04-04 | Beta Tester
I feel more able to focus, more energy in mental pursuits
Wendy C. - 2023-03-08 | Beta Tester
No help with mental focus, in fact I felt a bit more fuzzy-headed than usual.
Brian J. - 2023-03-07 | Beta Tester
Didn't really notice much of a difference. Last week was a different kind of week though. Had a lot of time off work without pay, which sucks and someone I know almost died in the hospital. So I don't really know how to gauge the last week of this study.
Matt B. - 2023-02-16
Great product overall but I don’t want silicon dioxide or calcium carbonate in anything I take, they’re mineral nanoparticles that don’t belong in the human body. I wish neurohacker also didn’t use plastic packaging in their products and put them in glass or aluminum bottles.
Jerremy D. - 2022-02-24 | Beta Tester
No effect
Dion B. - 2022-02-09 | Beta Tester
I was hoping to see some differences as my focus has not been good, and my drive to get things done has been low. I saw virtually no improvement is mental clarity, ability to focus, or increased drive to do things. I thought that maybe there was a build up time needed, but either that is not the case, or having two days off just burns down any build up. I'm any case, there have been no negative effects, but there have been no positive effects either.
Anna L. - 2021-06-04 | Beta Tester
I haven't noticed a tangible difference in my day after taking the supplement, definitely not the same as Qualia Mind. I felt the difference right away. This particular test supplement didn't enhance my overall focus or mental energy
Frank O. - 2021-06-04 | Beta Tester
Thomas B. - 2023-08-12
It is not working, cancel any further bottles
Randolph H. - 2023-05-05
Doesn't work and they made it difficult to cancel the subscription until I acted like I wanted to try a new product and finally got logged in and canceled my subscription after 4 months! The bottles just sit in my drawer. I let friends try them but they don't notice anything either. Just save your money
Diana P. - 2023-04-20
I placed an order and i never received it. I sent an inquiry and it was never answered.
Kim H. - 2023-04-12 | Beta Tester
Nausea and no noticeable cognitive benefit
Lisa G. - 2023-03-08 | Beta Tester
It just didn’t do anything noticeable for me. I would have loved for it to have, but it just didn’t. I have a TON of stress going on right now so possibly nothing would have helped. I hope it works for others, and maybe when my stress has lessened by about 80% I could give it another shot. Thank you for letting me participate in the study.
Shannon L. - 2023-03-08 | Beta Tester
I didn’t notice any improvements.
Mary C. - 2023-02-14
Caleb H. - 2021-12-27
Couldn’t tell a difference at all.. I don’t see what all the hype is about honestly 🥴🙄😑
Christopher M. - 2021-11-25 | Beta Tester
Nothing to describe because it did nothing to help me focus or give me any feeling whatsoever.
Juan Jose C. - 2021-10-30
I got a little rush of energy but I found that I was distracted more than normal. I was not able to focus.
andy f. - 2021-07-09 | Beta Tester
no effect
Scott K. - 2021-04-04 | Beta Tester
Overall I felt no real effects, however, on day 1 I felt super jittery/anxious, very wired (no other supplements and not combined with cafine), day 2 I had headaches in the hours after taking it until I had lunch. The remaining days I felt normal, no noticable sharpness or alertness.