Qualia Focus Reviews

Kyncie O. - 2021-05-04 | Beta Tester
I had much clearer thoughts and motivation. I have noticed since not taking it that I am slow and exhausted!
Dana S. - 2021-05-04 | Beta Tester
I say excellent overall experience because I was motivated to work more in the evening. I prefer working to watching TV - usually I watch TV. Literally more mental energy. If this is a placebo, oh well (!).
Henry H. - 2021-05-04 | Beta Tester
Happy more energy and clear headed
Carlisia T. - 2021-05-04 | Beta Tester
Seemed to be more focused.
Josh P. - 2021-04-04 | Beta Tester
I was in a flow. Not as worried about each decision I had to make, with the ability to make tough decisions I could stick with. There was a bit of synchronicity in my day.
keri k. - 2021-03-04 | Beta Tester
I have been more tired at night, falling asleep earlier and the waking up 1-2 hours earlier, feeling rested
Willis S. - 2021-03-04 | Beta Tester
Very positive
Oscar E. - 2023-08-26
Not see the difference on the first month but maybe it’s my file cus I don’t take all of them
Sean M. - 2023-06-13
Just received the product yesterday, so looking forward to what it might bring.
Kelly M. - 2023-05-30 | Beta Tester
I only noticed a slight or moderate improvement in my general focus and or concentration. That being said during the time I was taking it I was under a lot of additional stress. So may give this another try when not under this much additional stress.
Jacob V. - 2023-05-28 | Beta Tester
It was okay just seemed basic. There wasn’t much of a focus or flow feeling that I have gotten from other products.
Rebecca H. - 2023-05-24 | Beta Tester
The first two weeks were where I noticed the most improvement however the last week of the 3 I stopped due to the gut upset.
Jennifer W. - 2023-05-22 | Beta Tester
Didn't see an impact with the product.
Courtney C. - 2023-05-22 | Beta Tester
I appreciate the quality ingredients and Qualia’s commitment to diligent research and development, but I had to discontinue taking this product. For some reason, it upset my stomach- made me nauseated and crampy.
Tabatha N. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
If Focus were a person, it would be that well-meaning acquaintance you occasionally bump into at social gatherings. Polite and considerate, but ultimately lacking that special something to make them stand out from the crowd. That's precisely how I would describe my experience with Focus. During my three-week rendezvous with this intriguing product, I was hopeful for a remarkable transformation. Alas, while my overall encounter with Focus was far from unpleasant, it failed to deliver the prof...Read more.
Amanda J. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
I had headaches everyday , all I wanted to do was sleep . I had a very low sex drive. Couldn’t think or focus.
Greg H. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
I dont have indication if it helped or hindered. I think it should be tweeked more. Last night I was super tired from long work day but it was so hard to go to sleep. It may be related
Andrew T. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
Not much effect
Keith B. - 2023-05-16
So far everything about the company has been great. Received this offer from my local gym, ordered the Focus and received it in less than 2 days. Will try to remember to update review if I notice any improvements
Prince-Michael L. - 2023-03-19
Don't really feel any different and would like to compare to other nootropic brands
Jonathan W. - 2023-03-14
I've only been taking qualia focus for two days but I'm excited to see what's in store
Benjamin D. - 2023-03-12 | Beta Tester
Slight improvement in overall ability to think. Didn't seem to help focus in chaotic environments.
Rafael A. - 2023-03-10 | Beta Tester
The positive effects decreased dramatically after the first few days of taking.
Shaun G. - 2023-03-08 | Beta Tester
I did not notice any positive or negative effects of this product.
John B. - 2023-03-08
Its ight