Qualia Mind Reviews

Isaac R. - 2018-07-07
This product I like, but if this current version of 'Qualia Mind' is in comparison to 'Product # 20180605.001'; I would give 'Qualia Mind'; the current version; a 7 out of 10 versus 'Product # 20180605.001' which I would have to give a 10 out of 10. The Focus is there, but appears to be less than 'Product # 20180605.001'; the Energy; in my opinion; I don't feel so Energized no matter how much Water I consume and tend to yawn for my last 3-to-4 Hours of my 9-Hour Shift, but my Outlook is Posit...Read more.
Alex H. - 2018-06-20
After trying the flagship iteration of Qualia for over a year and having a very positive experience, I decided to give Qualia Mind a try. Just the ease of having one dose to worry about makes the experience even better. I notice marked improvement in concentration, mood, and synesthesia after taking Qualia Mind, and haven’t noticed any gastric distress or jitteriness. Would recommend!
Shane C. - 2018-06-12
I'm a classical performer/composer and thought I'd try out Qualia because I have a bunch of deadlines coming up. I'm really impressed with the focus it has given me. What has surprised me is the sense of well-being I feel from taking it, though I do take issue with the price - typical capitalist medicine. I think people should have more access to this.
Raed A. - 2018-05-16
I would give it 5 stars, but I don't have a real frame of reference or metric to rate a nootropic. Qualia is the first "fancy" supplement I have ever tried. Figured that 4 stars is an honest grade since I don't know where this nootropic adventure will go. I certainly feel more focused, and I have an improved ability to manage my workload at work and not have to take work home. I am a little hyperactive so it seems to have helped me with that a bit. I was never a good multi-tasker but I am ...Read more.
Alex S. - 2024-04-28
How long will it take for this to affect me? I am still experiencing brain fog.
Louise H. - 2024-04-26
I'm sure this product is great. One doe not necessarily realize the effects. However, I can't stand taking 7(!) huge capsules daily...it's too difficult on my stomach. If it were 2 or 3, yes.
Kimberly W. - 2024-03-06
I'm looking forward to seeing if I experience any benefits from this product. Haven't been able to take long enough to make a determination, but if you do not like swallowing capsules, this is not for you. 3-5 capsules for 5 days/week!
Kristin B. - 2024-01-23
I am on day 2 and loving the overall sense of calm I feel (minus the jitters). Looking forward to observing my results after continued use!
Ernest G. - 2023-11-17
I'm only 4 full days into taking the product. I feel like I can tell the effects a little. But, not enought to know if it's a placebo effect at this point. I saw other reviews that indicated the results of the product began to become more noticable after a few weeks of taking the product. I'll keep with it hoping that the results continue to increase. The rating would certainly increase for me if it does. Thanks,
junebum k. - 2023-11-07
I started on first day taking 5 pills. I will take 7 tomorrow and update my findings. First day was a bit weak.
David K. - 2023-10-15
Two weeks in… It’s a little early to tell… haven’t noticed any great effects yet
Daniel S. - 2023-09-19
it was aiight
Sarah S. - 2023-09-11
I wish I had realized before I ordered that this is a caffeinated product and that there is a caffeine-free version available. This important fact is not highlighted in the product name or on the front of the bottle. Taking the recommended dose of 7 pills had me feeling like I wanted to jump out of my skin and significantly disrupted my sleep. It wasn't until I combed through the ingredients that I realized I'd ingested the equivalent of a cup of caffeinated coffee. No wonder! Yes, I should h...Read more.
Andrea V. - 2023-07-28
I'm sure the Qualia Mind works for many, but not for me, so I was thankful for the customer service to allow me to give the next bottle that shipped before I knew it, to someone else. I haven't found a nootropic yet that works for me. Everyone is different with their DNA, and looking at my DNA report again, it isn't going to be until a company can actually evaluate DNA reports and give recommendations on that, that I will try again.
Paul J. - 2023-07-21
The product wasn't great. I used it for a couple of months and then stopped.
Andrew K. - 2023-07-20
Still Experimenting. I have been taking it for a week and notice some effects but looking forward to trying it for longer and seeing what it has to offer
Muhammad H. - 2023-06-08
I just want my free product
Rick D. - 2023-06-05
I found Qualia Mind had little effect on me.
Joanne W. - 2023-05-25
I am not able to leave a full review yet as i have not been on product long enough.
Anieka J. - 2023-04-21
I was really excited about starting Qualia Mind because as you scroll down and read all the reviews, it seems amazing. I have been struggling with focusing at work, and I was really hoping it would help. I have to be honest, I'm still kinda all over the place. It's true, I feel more alert, and it's a great way to "wake up and get started," but for focus...I haven't seen much improvement. I'm really rather bummed about that too. But even now, writing this review was an interruption from my...Read more.
Sean H. - 2023-04-19
The product has been decent. This is my second round, and I haven't noticed anything significant. If this does not show any significant results, I will not order again.
Ethan N. - 2023-04-05
I feel a boost of focus, I'm extremely subtle but it feels like as I sit down the thoughts just start flowing out of me and the creativity is taken to the next level.
Andrew W. - 2023-01-29
Have not had a full experience with the product yet so cannot give thorough review
Alejandro S. - 2023-01-28
I decided to give this another chance. This time around I did an aggressive detox along with abstaining from alcohol, and all other supplements. It’s a good supplement.
Guest - 2023-01-17
Take too many at once, but works great.