Qualia Mind Reviews

tanner V. - 2021-01-20
Stopped taking after about 1 week—tried different dosages, tried taking it with food & without. But I always acquired a headache every time I took the product. So I never experienced any major benefits from it. Headaches would usually last all day.
Brenna D. - 2020-12-09
I have been feeling a bit more alert using Qualia Mind, but it's just too expensive for me.
Matt J. - 2020-11-14
Improve focus mental energy. Need to change how i eat and try to get the best out of the product.
David T. - 2020-11-14
I have been taking this for awhile because I am a senior with increasing “moments”. I haven’t noticed any positive or negative changes. Only way to know if this works is a double blind study
kevin s. - 2020-10-13
I provided it for a month and despite being a large dose that you have to take, I did not feel any change in my consent or in my memory, I do not know if it is necessary to continue it and after a certain time you can notice the difference or maybe try others nootopics to compare them
Amorina L. - 2020-10-10
I think i feel good but I needed to focus to finish a course and I don’t see big improvements.
Berni K. - 2020-09-18
I like Qualia Mind and how it keeps me focused, but the fishy aftertaste, after swallowing the capsules is horrible. I’ve taken fish oil capsules that didn’t leave that taste. I take them with food, but burp up a fishy taste. I know they don’t contain any fish oil, but they sure taste like it.
Marc H. - 2020-09-17
Smells awful, but works
greg n. - 2020-09-16
Hard to judge whether I'm deriving a neuro boost. At least I'm not becoming more stupid.
Matt H. - 2020-09-15
Based on the reviews I've seen, I was hoping for substantial noticeable changes in my concentration and cognition, but I'm on my second week and though I believe mental cognition has improved some, I have no reason to apply it to Qualia and neither is it a substantial improvement. Last week I had some heart palpitations, I think related to the caffeine content, so this week I've reduced my other caffeine intake and haven't had any issues yet.
Jerome G. - 2020-08-25
Still measuring results. It seems like a difference is being made but the jury is still out. I still don't seem to have the focus I would like. I'm making other changes that may help boost the awareness of Qualia as the catalyst. There is some improvement.
charles D. - 2020-08-02
Left me bloated, I didn’t really feel any positive effects. More like normal to me
Michael B. - 2020-07-21
I definitely felt more focused initially but for some reason it made me super fatigued as the day wore on. It wasn't a crashing feeling but just mentally fatigued which is the opposite effect I was looking for. I also didn't care for the amount of pills you had to ingest daily which I knew prior to purchasing but was more of a hastle than anticipated. I think over time maybe my mind/body would have adjusted and the fatigue may have eventually diminished as I've only been using for 2 and a hal...Read more.
Leeza G. - 2020-07-08
Qualia mind made me feel nauseous from 7pills. And if I took less I didn’t feel anything. It also made me feel extra tired by 5pm instead of the opposite. In general I experienced brain fog with qualia mind. Not at all what I expected.
Tracey M. - 2020-07-07
I started taking the recommended daily dose and undoubtedly felt more energized. However I had a niggling headache, by day 4 this had escalated to migraine level and completely wiped me out for a day. I ceased immediately and customer services recommended that I reduce the dose. I have slowly worked up to 4 a day, I have no headaches and find some benefit although I do wonder what the benefits might be if I was able to take a fully dose.
Alexander S. - 2020-06-17
Paid for priority shipping, package was instead sent first class package and took over two weeks to arrive. Customer service was quick to refund the price of the shipping.
Will F. - 2020-06-08
I went into taking Qualia mind fully with the expectation of being able to ramp up my mental focus and clarity. The first day I took it, I decided to keep the initial doses lower to be on the safe side. I took four capsules the first time, and within 45 minutes, I did notice (as I was outside at work at the time) that everything seemed to come into a sharp clarity, also colors seemed momentarily brighter. This effect only lasted for about 10 minutes however before it faded away. I found mysel...Read more.
Billy L. - 2020-06-02
This is a great product that’s works, however, the pills have a fish like smell and they are pretty expensive.
Mario C. - 2020-05-09
i still haven't felt the feeling
Taylor K. - 2020-04-30
So I have been taking your product for 3 weeks now. So far a slight increase in focus. but thats really about it. Also leaves a bad after taste in the mouth after trying to choke down 7 pills for hours after.
Spencer E. - 2020-04-18
This product did in fact give me energy as advertised. I had a feeling of mental clarity and focus that usually accompanies high quality ingredients and high quality caffeine. The only reason it lost 2 stars was the taste which leaves and awful after taste on your tongue. It gets a little better after each one but I thought I was going to puke when I drank the first one (not sure if I didn’t shake it enough but the rest didn’t taste much better). It’s a solid product but I probably wouldn’t b...Read more.
Danny S. - 2020-03-09
I have take. This product following all the directions and guidelines and I still have yet “to feel” this energy and focus ect. Sometimes I feel like I do but then it fades very fast. So I’m not sure if it’s my mind playing tricks on me or not... I have also attempted there suggestion of, Qualia performs at its best when the brain and body are fully rested. To stop taking the product for 3 days straight and focus on sleeping as much as I can. Then resume and see if I get better results.. Eh m...Read more.
Michael V. - 2020-01-12
I think the Mind product is effective and beneficial, but it is a bit challenging to isolate the benefits of the nootrpoic ingredients from the benefits of the included caffeine. I think there is a version sans caffeine, but I don't recall seeing it offered in a trial size. My biggest issue is with the subscription model. The recommended daily dosage is much higher than what I can tolerate (4 capsules 4-5 days per week works for me rather than the recommended 7, 7-days per week) so a bot...Read more.
Jill R. - 2020-01-02
Not yet able to provide substantive feedback. Need more time to offer relative feedback.
Linda S. - 2019-12-30
I haven't seen any benefits as of yet. Can't hurt, I suppose, but expensive for not seeing any results.