Qualia Mind Reviews

Alex P. - 2021-04-03
One thing I noticed is I have a more noticeably effect when I’m actually trying to focus on study or something. But when I doing something active I usually don’t tend to have any “high” from it at all.
Jaime M. - 2021-02-19
Just started to take the caps. No change yet
David B. - 2021-02-14
I can definitely tell a difference when I take them. Only down side is super vivid dreams/nightmares
Jorge H. - 2021-02-02
There were a lot of expectations when starting this supplement based on the YouTube video reviews I saw before making the purchase. I will start off by saying that I expect the results would be different for me if I was more optimized like I used to be in the not so distant past, meaning having my diet and sleep dialed in. For me this supplement makes me feel like I used to; little to no brain fog or after lunch crashes and the ability to recall what the heck I was thinking about 3 minutes ag...Read more.
Christopher A. - 2021-01-22
Effective at getting me focused, alert, and clear thinking. Needs to have a stronger effect though for the price charged.
Leighann L. - 2021-01-19
I took seven capsules in the morning on an empty stomach. I only did three day's on then traveled and forgot to take them. So I'm starting again. I felt like my focus was improved I had no trouble falling asleep so I'm hoping this continues.
Dalia M. - 2021-01-19
By the 2nd day, I started to feel amazing. Nothing but positive thoughts and I felt much calmer. I got my boyfriend to start taking them too. I dislike the fact that it’s so pricey but so far so good so, it may just be worth the price. It has a little weird smell to it but that goes away after awhile.
Nick N. - 2021-01-13
The formula is comprehensive, I need to take it another 30 days to feel the full effects. I like it so far.
Stepan G. - 2020-12-08
Reading a lot of reviews I was hoping for visible benefits, but so so far (3 weeks into) I can't say I feel any different than before I started. One thing which is probably different - is the number of good ideas I had for the last couple of weeks related to my ongoing projects, usually, I'm not so creative. However, I'm willing to try it a bit more, maybe adjust the dosage to see If I can get any more benefits.
Guest - 2020-12-01
I really love the product but now I started get severe headaches! I would like to know is that a common symptom? Have a good week
Raphael B. - 2020-11-27
This is a really good product, I have little interest in trying anything else
Sean M. - 2020-11-07
First few days it worked great, it's kind of gone down a bit but it's stabilized I think, I still definitely feel like I'm functioning higher than I used to.
Rea F. - 2020-10-10
As a septuagenarian who was experiencing brain fog I cannot afford: QUALIA MIND has changed my life for the better! My goodness! I don't think as I did in my 30s to be sure, but ability to stay focused, alert, to remember details and 'where I am' is definitely taken a remarkable turn. This is my second month on the product and may I say: I'm quite impressed! GREAT product. Thank you for creating this gem!
Earl S. - 2020-09-27
Seemed stronger the first time used
Christopher A. - 2020-09-15
The working days do by a lot more smoothly by starting my day with some Qualia Mind supplements. Mental clarity definitely gets a boost, but this supplement must be paired with consistent good quality sleep to see it's true effects.
JOHANNA D. - 2020-09-15
I found the size and number of the capsules challenging. I had a couple of nights with only 2+ hours of sleep (this occasionally happens), after which I was able to function remarkably well, which was extraordinary. I felt distinctly well during the time of taking qualia mind. Thank you. :)
Peter L. - 2020-08-16
I am not entirely certain of the effects that taking Qualia Mind may or may not have provided. This due to micro-dosing at the time. I need more time to evaluate, however my impression is that Qualia Mind did produce improvement in mood, focus and energy.
Daniel H. - 2020-08-09
Good stuff. Makes you go zoom zoom long time 👌
Jonathan P. - 2020-07-18
Clean persistent energy. Improved word recall and retention of information. It’s effects diminish with poor sleep.
Frank S. - 2020-05-26
My memory has been better than it’s ever been. The only reasons I’m not giving it 5 stars are A) there is a fishy aftertaste I’m not crazy about and B) it has decreased my sleep quality/duration.
Courtaney m. - 2020-05-15
I can not give a full 5 stars because I haven’t been able to use it as often as I would like, due to lack of sleep. On the days I am able to obtain the recommended amount of sleep, the product works great! I’m focused, solid energy, and no end of day crash. I would absolutely recommend. I’m a single mom, full time college student and a waitress. This supplement definitely hits the demands of my daily life.
John C. - 2020-05-13
Can definitely feel the surge in natural energy. Helps with my meditation practice.
Alex D. - 2020-04-04
I went through my entire bottle of 'FOCUS' and I liked that a lot. Thought I'd give this 'MIND' a shot. The company is cool, the products are quality, they definitely make me feel sharper. But WHOOEEE the fishy taste, and fishy burps. I guess that comes with the territory.
Dean L. - 2020-03-22
Have taken it for 3 weeks now, seems to give more clarify and focus. Will continue to take it for a longer period of time, just wish its cheaper.
MARIA T. - 2020-03-22
I purchased Qualia mind and was brought to me down to Quito Ecuador , South America. I am nearly in my 50´s and I am been a follower of ways to achieve longevity and a healthy lifespan. My physical health and fitness level is very well but i have episodes of brain fog and fatigue despite my ketogenic lifestyle. I tried many products on the market and I was skeptical about what Qualia offers . I was going to let the product act for weeks to see resultsbut to my surprise I felt mentally sharp ...Read more.