Qualia Mind Reviews

Tyler P. - 2021-04-19
I'm 75% finished with the bottle and can say I feel no different taking Qualia Mind than on the days I don't or before starting. This is completely surprising as every review I've seen raves about this product (Which makes you think...). My diet is clean, I exercise often, and I am usually sensitive to stimulants or supplements, which makes me even more disappointed to give this product a bad review.
Charles J. - 2021-04-16
Stopped my subscription
Agi R. - 2021-04-15
The first order was LOST. I like your products, but the second order is still awaiting shipment and I have runout of pills. If it takes more than one month to ship to Hawaii, I will have to cancel future orders. I will pay for USPS 3 day service, but you do not offer it. Too bad you cannot ship in time. Please cancel this order and any future orders.
uwe c. - 2021-04-11
had to do double the dose to feel anything
Calista G. - 2021-04-07
Sorry, wanted to like these. The taste for me is unbearable. I’m surprised I found zero reviews with this remark. I tried chasing them with everything, including black coffee. Even after I got them down - ALL 7 large tablets, they repeated on me long after. All power to those people who seem to have no issue with the taste. Call me weak, I can’t do it.
Herbert W. - 2021-03-30
So far (three weeks) I have noted no benefits but will continue until I run out. If I do end up seeing benefits I will repurchase Qualia MIND but if not, I will continue looking for help with my brain fog and very gradual but continuing mental decline. Maybe at 81 I am too old for it to be of benefit. Hope not.
Jordan S. - 2021-03-17
I tried Qualia Mind and it had the opposite of the intended effect, giving me extreme brain fog and a general ill feeling. I loved the idea of it but it simply did not work, quite the opposite. I've asked for a full refund because I lost three days of work trying to get my body to acclimate -- the 3rd day I'd had enough.
Mr M. - 2021-03-15
Haven’t felt any effects yet after 3 days of use but maybe after the first week I will..
Ricardo H. - 2021-02-17
It’s been five days. Nothing different that I notice. Maybe it takes more time. Coffee still seems to work better.. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jolene R. - 2021-02-17
I followed the instructions but honestly did not notice a change from the days where I took it to the days I didn’t.
Tracy H. - 2021-02-16
I could not tell that I was taking them. Very disappointed!!
Philippe N. - 2021-02-01
Finishing up my first bottle and can say I haven't noticed anything whatsoever. Wish I can say something different. I've taken 8 pills on occasion to see if perhaps I need a stronger dose. Nothing...
Marian S. - 2021-01-27
I would like to return this product as it made me very jittery and heart was racing. Does the caffeine free option eliminate these side affects?
Jithin P F. - 2021-01-24
Didnt get the package yet. It has been 1 month now.
Ray W. - 2021-01-20
Just received today, seems excessive to take 7 am then 8 qualitatively life @ 12pm & then 4 qualify @10pm. Is this correct?
Divina R. - 2020-12-31
I was excited to feel the difference when I started taking Qualia mind. However, I felt no difference in my memory or my Focus. I was disappointed.
Christina G. - 2020-12-19
I only received the product a few days ago, so I won’t be able to comment yet on its effects. However, I dod reach out to say I’m very unhappy with the shipping service. I live in Canada and make frequent orders to the US, and know that there are decent shipping services available. Neurohacker Collective could be doing much better as far as choice for shipping for their international customers. This is a premium product. Why choose the worst choice for shipping? Also, the client saves money w...Read more.
Jamil G. - 2020-11-28
Took 7 daily - no noticeable effects whatsoever.
Jeffrey K. - 2020-10-29
Been using this for a few weeks I see no results.
Paulo D. - 2020-10-28
I haven’t noticed any change yet.
DALE L. - 2020-10-09
I loved the old Qualia ... I am not a fan, at all, of the Qualia Mind. There is a world of difference and I wish I could choose the old product, but I cant, so I have had to go somewhere else.
Vickie H. - 2020-10-05
I did not like this product. I took one pill and threw it in the trash. I want to be taken off auto ship but can’t figure out how
Joan H. - 2020-10-01
After one month of taking 6 caps 5 times per week, we do not see any change in memory functions. But bc of your generous guarantee we will keep trying for another 60 days 🤔🙊🙈🙉😇
Hank B. - 2020-09-18
I don't know if these pills work or just a placebo. I don't have better recall or feel sharper mentally.
Barry L. - 2020-09-18
Hasn't done anything for me. I do not notice any difference in my perception or anything else after taking them - and I have tried between 7 and ten tablets in a day.