Qualia Night Reviews

Sylvia H. - 2022-08-06
Haven't been sleeping well last week or 2 and am sleeping wonderfully after taking the Quaila Night sleep aid. So nice to find a product I can trust (Dave Asprey recommended it so it has got to be of the best quality.). Good sleep is essential in life so if you are having trouble sleeping I recommend Quaila Night.
Gracie H. - 2022-08-02
It took me about two weeks to really start feeling the difference while taking these. I'm always bummed on the two days a week I take off. My dreams are better, I don't wake up at night & if I do wake, I go back to sleep straight away. I have these on a subscription so I'm never without. Also costumer service is exceptional.
Aimee A. - 2022-07-25
I have trouble staying asleep and getting into a deep restful state. After taking this a couple of times, I find myself finally resting deeply and able to think more clearly the following day. I also have less anxiety as a result of getting more sleep. I am so grateful for this product and am quickly becoming a fan of all of Neurohacker's products.
Josh C. - 2022-07-24
I’ve taken many sleep products, and this is one of the few I could notice a difference within a few nights.
Freida H. - 2022-07-21
So far I’m sleeping well
Michael B. - 2022-07-21
Less than a week in and I’m already seeing improvements in my sleep stats.
John P. - 2022-07-19
Ever since I started taking Qualia Night, my sleep has been deeper and more restful, proven by the way I feel, and months of evidence from both of my sleep tracking devices. When I wake up I can recall my dreams, whereas before, I don’t think I dreamed at all. I went from only minutes a night of deep sleep to hours.
JOHN C. - 2022-07-18
Timothy D S. - 2022-07-13
M L. - 2022-06-29
Since taking Qualia Night, I fall to sleep more easily and sleep noticeably better without next-day grogginess.
Derek P. - 2022-06-16
Process my order right away and even provided a refund when I incorrectly placed a duplicate order.
David d. - 2022-06-02
Highly recommended!
Nicolette H. - 2022-05-24
This product has helped me to have more energy all day long. Thank you!
Jerry D. - 2022-05-18
If taken about 2-3 hours prior to sleeping, I have a noticeably deeper sleep. I think it's effects are better when you have a full 7 hrs+ of rest.
Tim S. - 2022-05-15
Product has been what it has claimed for me. I could tell a difference after two weeks on the product.
Vikram T. - 2022-04-18
felt great after a few days of taking it and woke up well rested , also had profound dreams! Would buy again!
Ryan E. - 2022-04-01
I've been throwing together at-home Nootropic concoctions for years now (lions mane, psilocybin, caffeine, l theanine, etc) and these folks have got me completely beat!
Stephen M. - 2022-03-20
Too busy accomplishing everything I want to do to write a lengthy review, but this supplement has changed how I approach being busy and improved how I use my time. Highly recommended to anyone with a lot of things to do everyday who can afford it.
John B. - 2022-03-12
Qualia Night seems to help my dreaming. I noticed it helped dreaming when I took it. I am currently taking a week break from it and I am having less dreams.
Stephen C. - 2022-02-25
The ordering process and receipt of product could not be better. I am now 2 weeks into using this product and do believe I am seeing a benefit. I look forward to continuing this and am optimistic enough to have ordered a 2nd month's supply.
Michele C. - 2022-02-20
Amazing quality sleep the first night
Rhonda Z. - 2022-02-20
Love Qualia Night. I can't live without it. Very happy customer.
Mike T. - 2022-02-11
Qualia Night has changed my sleep! I have been sleeping undisturbed nhc-owr3k3e-c for several nights now and I wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. There has been no lingering effects after I wake up which happens with other products and medications. This has been a game changer for me.
jani b. - 2022-01-27
The NIGHT really does work for me. I did find that if I take it right before I go to sleep I will sleep a bit longer. Usually, sleep products with a few different ingredients in them make me feel weird and don't work. But this does!
John M. - 2022-01-25
I actively monitor my nightly sleep and when I use Qualia Night I get significantly better Deep Sleep. Great product.