Qualia Senolytic Reviews

Adam J. - 2023-06-26 | Beta Tester
I took Qualia Senolytic as directed but experienced no obvious benefits.
Josh H. - 2022-12-14 | Beta Tester
As I’ve said, subjectively less than significant effects overall. Ultimately indifferent to this product.
Cori C. - 2022-06-12 | Beta Tester
A 2 day dose really was not enough to make an informed opinion. Packaging was neat and clean looking.
Mikel H. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
Seems promising, but it's too expensive for me to find out.I like the idea of only have to take a supplement twice a month.
Lola L. - 2024-05-06
I did not notice a change at all, took it for 3 months. Waste of money.
Gary N. - 2024-04-22
I actually recall I experienced a forgetful moment on the second day, but mostly, I didn't feel a difference at all in the way I felt. I strictly watch what I eat and feel terrific practically all the time. That is why I only purchased for a one moment in time trial. Perhaps you want to tell me I need 90 days elapse time on this supplement to fully judge? How much better than terrific do you suppose? I am 77-1/2 years old, on no medications, BP 100/60, I move around, active lifestyle. Thank you!
Rick A. - 2024-04-14
As many businesses do now, Qualia sneakily opts you into an automatic subscription. The fact that they do this adds to mine and others' shared feeling that this is a snake oil-like scam. Never again.
Mary A. - 2024-04-10
I didn't until today, when I discovered rice flour. I have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, thus this product is not for me. Looking into the refund next.
George M. - 2024-03-27
I used the sleep aid and it does absolutely nothing for me, woke up 6 times on my worst night. I want a refund
Lynn R. - 2024-03-25
This company is a total ripoff. They suck You into a subscription And then literally every day you will get text messages for deep discounts that you are not eligible for. They also will not allow any other member of your household to take advantage of any of their offers. I asked them why they send daily texts of offers that do not apply to you and they have no answer. This has been the most frustrating experience. I will not be buying from them. Try Mito Pure. It’s been around longer and ...Read more.
Nubia M. - 2024-03-07
My packages arrived with seals broken at both ends, looking like they’d been stored in a junk drawer. I threw them away and received a full refund. I just wish my trust wasn’t swayed because I’d still like to test the product out.
Kathy E. - 2024-02-16
I have noticed absolutely nothing ??
William W. - 2024-02-14
Have only taken once, noticed no benefit. Will give it 3 months and see
Erick B. - 2024-01-23
Tried this once so far and haven't noticed anything. How do I know it is getting rid of zombie cells? I'll give it 3 chances to see if I notice anything. Pricy supplement if I don't see anything.
Neil Dr H. - 2023-12-27
Have not noticed any difference in the way that I feel.
Mary P. - 2023-12-22
Causes really bad tummy issues
Jean L. - 2023-12-13
Dont feel like the 6 pills then another 6 made any difference in how I felt.
Michael K. - 2023-12-13
can't tell can difference. What am I supposed to feel
Jane S. - 2023-11-08
Ever since I used the product, I have had itching that I cannot get rid of it.
Ser G. - 2023-11-08
Tried it 2 nihhts in a row and didn't feel any sleep inprovement.
Sharon C. - 2023-11-02
I have taken this for 2 months and have not seen any improvements or results from this. For the price, the packaging is extremely basic, the pills come in blister packs. Absolute scam, and the reviews definitely seem fake. Save your money.
Steven J. - 2023-10-31
I keep receiving subscription charges for a product never delivered and cancelled subscriptions... Horrible experience
Emmanuel A. - 2023-10-11
I am not impressed at all. I feel nothing invigorating my system. I do not find it worthwhile trying it for another one more month.
Monica S. - 2023-10-08
I only bought the I e time and did not sign up for a subscription, but they keep charging me and will not respond
Steve C. - 2023-10-01
Doesn’t work