Joshua B. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

A solid immune protocol

The danger of a company having a product that is so good nearly everyone can tell is that it puts a lot on every product developed after. Taking Qualia Immune, I felt like I was swapping some supplementation I had used in the past, but there didn't appear to be a game-changing effect. This product feels placed well within a full Qualia stack, but is not enough to stand on its own.

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Jose Mari A. January 29, 2021

Surprisingly result but not expected

I am not quite sure if this is the results of the product but I noticed that since I took it every morning I woke with a boner. A week for me I think is too short to say the least that it has an profound improvement in my immune health. As I got the virus early on, my immunity got strucked hard. ...

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James R. February 2, 2021

Great for immunity.

Did not feel any different. Haven’t gotten sick which is great.

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Doreen N. January 28, 2021


Taking this for five days, I found this alternative way of taking supplement to be more efficient than how I usually take them. I take all the ingredients provided, in individual capsules. So it is quite nice to have them all in here. I think the only bummer was the lack of Vitamin C, Lion’s Mane...

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Alex N. January 28, 2021

Alex's s Immune Journey

To be perfectly honest I felt no particular impact on my physical well-being. I possibly sensed improved focus and motivation

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