Gregory G. reviewed Qualia Mind

11 days ago


I am an out of work nutritionist and fitness trainer due to the pandemic. I've spent my time writing Articles in screenplays while out of work. However it wasn't until I got Qualia Mind And qualia focus which is now essentials That my work really started to take off in a Good way . Thank you Neuro hacker collective

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Justin F. May 30, 2018

Really Helps!

I am an father, engineer, writer, and filmmaker.... Qualia is a crucial part of my creative process.

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Pauletta F. April 7, 2020


Ok I guess . Noticed. I thing different. Then coronavirus came along and everything is in uproar. Please discontinue my subscription.

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Jeff P. October 3, 2019

Impressive Product!!

Qualia Mind is the best product that I have ever taken! It helps me stay more focused and calm, when performing tasks that can create "mind overwhelm" and my memory seems more accessible as a result! Qualia Mind is an awesome product! I highly recommend it!

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Jerome G. August 25, 2020


Still measuring results. It seems like a difference is being made but the jury is still out. I still don't seem to have the focus I would like. I'm making other changes that may help boost the awareness of Qualia as the catalyst. There is some improvement.

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