August A. reviewed Qualia Focus

3 months ago

Awesome full-spectrum capacity upgrade

Have used Qualia Focus quite regularly for close to a year now, and I'm super impressed. Noticed effects: - Mood: elevated, very stable - Clarity, focus, attention: increased, more stable and longer lasting - Energy, drive, motivation: increased, more stable and long-lasting - Working memory: significantly increased (super impressed) - Mental efficiency: significantly higher - Very efficient task-switching - Increased access to memories, associations, etc. -More fluid and intuitive language (speaking, writing, thinking) - More fluid and dynamic thinking in general - Easy to enter flow state - Emotional resilience and robustness - Prosocial (increased desire to be social, and higher social-emotional capacities) - Increased ability to make connections, think holistically, hold multiple associations, perspectives, etc... - Increased ability to visualize (even grasp abstractions), take perspectives, hold multiple perspectives, empathize... - Increased creativity - Increased problem-solving - Reduced (social) anxiety and worry - Less cravings - Increased bodily awareness and coordination - Easier to make the right choices Other practices and habits that have been a base: - Morning routine (movement, breathing, cold showers, meditation, journaling, sunlight) - Proper sleep - Regular exercise - Healthy diet - Meditation (mindfulness, gratitude, metta, perspective-taking) - Breathing techniques (Wim Hof) - Cold showers - Intermittent fasting - Spending time outside - Quality social time and good relationships - Generally having a meaningful direction in life Even though these practices and habits obviously can create many of the effects above on their own, I notice a significant and meaningful elevation when taking Qualia on top. Both Mind and Focus are impressive, with all of the mentioned effects below, but with minor differences: - Qualia Focus: sense of being more focused, energetic, quicker, productive, more drawn into the activity... an incredible "doing mode" (but able to balance this out with right dosage and meditative practices) - Qualia Mind: sense of being a bit more calm, relaxed, expanded, and in a larger "field of consciousness"... easier to change from "doing mode" and enter a "being mode" Dosage: Started off experimenting with dosage on the Original Stack, ended up with 2/3 of full dose as ideal. Later moved on to Qualia Mind, ended up on 3-4 out 7 pills as ideal. With Qualia Focus, 2 out of 5 is ideal (3 could get too intense, making it hard to relax, focus for a while on single tasks, etc...). Currently cycling between Qualia Mind and Focus, usually taking breaks in the weekends. Feels like tolerance lowered over time, which is obviously great and makes it more affordable. Other notes: - Feels like energy just flows where it is needed - Significantly lowers threshold to just do the things you know you should do (often effortlessly...) - More energy and clarity to make better choices (easier to prioritize well, follow good synergistic habits like exercising, eating well, be social, go outside, get good sleep, practice gratitude, journaling, express authentically without worry, etc.) - Have helped in increasing my motivation to contribute meaningfully to a better world All in all, incredibly grateful for having come over Qualia, and the work of it's creators.

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